10 Hot Mother Son Title List

Lot’s Cave knows there is nothing hotter than a loving mother and her doting son. Their relationship might be taboo, but what good romance isn’t? Readers will find a diverse selection of mother son themed erotica and romance at our bookstore, but why wait? We’ve complied a forbidden list of the hottest incestuous mother son titles to ever see publication in our bookstore!

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Incest Is Normal Among Family Members

How normal is incest among families in the USA? You might be surprised. Can we agree that if ‘most’ people do a certain thing, as in more than 50 percent, then that thing is ‘normal’? Incest is supposed to be “taboo” in most cultures, yet, the incest experience happens with extreme frequency. Psychologists Jean and Neal Mastellone have conducted studies that show 70% or more all people have been involved in a long-term sexual experience with at least one of their parents. They report that incest and parental sex are rampant in the vast majority of families.

This statistic does not even try to add incest between brothers and sisters to the percentage. Nor does it count short-term incest where sex is limited to a few encounters. Consider: if 70% of the population is involved in long-term parent child incest, then add sibling incest and add short term sexual relationships only occurring a few times into the total incest equation. Logically, the true UNREPORTED incest rates must really be above 80% of the population.

So if 80% percent of any population are doing a particular thing, then obviously that thing is “normal”; and as such, incest is definitely normal.

However nearly all incestuous family members strongly deny ever having been involved in incest.  Those who partake in the ecstasy of incest universally say, “It never happened”. You see, the real taboo regarding incest seems to be talking about a sexual experience that is above normal and quite widespread. “What never happened” appears to occur worldwide in the majority of households according to experts and psychologists.

It is highly likely, ironically,  that every incestuous parent as a child had an incestuous sexual relationship with his or her own parents. Nearly all incestuous parents would never purposely hurt their children sexually. They simply do not consider having parent child sex to be a harmful sexual activity.

History usually repeats itself.

Psychologists and experts often report the politically correct viewpoint that incest causes devastating negative effects that relate to this humiliating and degrading experience. But Lot’s Cave asks how can what is normal in most families be considered devastating? It only seems to devastate a very small percentage of people who negatively report incestuous encounters around 2 percent of the time.

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