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Desperate Mothers – Gerry Maxwell

Mothers across America constantly complain about their sons. They drink too much, smoke pot, or should do better in school. Instead of yelling at them, what if these mothers became so desperate, they used sex to keep their boys in line? And what if these mothers had large, beautiful breasts that no son could resist?

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10 Hot Mother Son Title List

Lot’s Cave knows there is nothing hotter than a loving mother and her doting son. Their relationship might be taboo, but what good romance isn’t? Readers will find a diverse selection of mother son themed erotica and romance at our bookstore, but why wait? We’ve complied a forbidden list of the hottest incestuous mother son titles to ever see publication in our bookstore!

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10 Incest Titles We Love

Lot’s Cave knows not every incestuous relationship is the same. When it comes to eBooks like ours, there’s a little something naughty for everyone. If you’re curious about exploring the many intriguing and controversial options within our online bookstore, now’s your chance. We’ve compiled a list of ten incestuous books you absolutely have to try. Which kink is meant for you?