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New Releases: February 2017

As taboo books surge in popularity, Lot’s Cave continues to offer the latest titles from the authors you want most. Whether you’re looking for incest, bestiality, dubious consent, or more, Lot’s Cave has the erotic read you’ve been searching for! With so many titles to highlight, we scarcely know where to begin. Why not check out our latest reads below?

New This Month!


Amber FoxxFire – Mommy Dearest 8-Pack

Description: 4-Pack of Stories Include: – Dog is My Master – Mind Controlled By The Boss’s Dog – Hypnotized By My Dog – Carrying My Master’s Puppies


Amber FoxxFire – Dastardly Daddies 4-Pack

Description: 4 HOT, tantalizing stories for your reading pleasure! Stories Include: – Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter – Dominated by Daddy – Fuck me Harder, Daddy! – Seeded by Daddy


Amber FoxxFire – Mind Control & Hypnosis 4-Pack

Description: 4-Pack of Stories Include: – Dog is My Master – Mind Controlled By The Boss’s Dog – Hypnotized By My Dog – Carrying My Master’s Puppies


Amber FoxxFire – Incest Taboo Sleep Sex 4-Pack

Description: 4 Sizzling hot sleep sex taboo incest stories for your enjoyment. – Daddy’s Sleepwalking Slut – Knocking up my Sleeping Sister – Knocking up my Drunk, Sleeping Mother – Screwed by My Uncle on the Family Road Trip


Angel Scott – Weekend Gone Wrong

Description: Chad and Elizabeth met up to do a book signing, but end up kidnapped instead! The dirty men want videos done and also kidnap more people. Will everyone get out of there alive? One of the men falls for Elizabeth and takes her on dates. He also gives her some extra kinky fun and hopes to get to her to fall in love with him. Can he get it done in time or will she leave him behind forever?


Baby Angie – Daddy’s Big Cock Scares Me

Description: A sweet, innocent and loving daughter wants a simple answer from her BIOLOGICAL father. A simple question; nothing wrong with that, right? Unfortunately, she just didn’t know; she had no clue HOW HORNY men get! The poor, fertile, BARELY LEGAL girl was in for the surprise of her life! Daddy watched her shower, HARD AND TOTALLY UNPROTECTED! In the end, she finally understood what daddy meant by KEEPING IT CLEAN!


Belle Bottoms – Gang Rape 4-Pack

Description: Four different girls find themselves in four very bad situations. They are overpowered and raped repeatedly by men who just want to use them and throw them away. This 4-pack includes: Gang Raped in the Bilker Bar ~ Gang Raped by the Police Force ~ Gang Raped by the Fraternity ~ Gang Raped by My Professors


Belle Bottoms – Gang Raped at the Family Reunion

Description: Rikki takes a flight to another state to see her long lost dad and meet his side of the family for a reunion, but when she gets there she realizes she’s in a hillbilly nightmare. The house is a junkyard and her dad and uncles and cousins can’t stop gawking at her. She finds herself drugged and tied up and used like a fuck doll, then her dad has a big surprise for her. He’s not going to let her leave.


Belle Bottoms – Gang Raped By A Small Town

Description: On her way home for Christmas break, Tina gets pulled over by some small-town cops. She can’t afford to pay for a ticket and these two decide to take her down to the station to see if they can figure something out. Tina gets a double penetration ride on a horse she will never forget before she is put in a stockade in front of the whole town and raped repeatedly in the mouth, pussy and asshole by dozens of men.


Belle Bottoms – Gang Raped in the Trailer Park

Description: Jane pulls her trailer into an RV park where a family in the space next door invite her over for drinks. Before she knows it she’s been drugged and tied up and is experiencing a train of men who pay to fuck her in every hole all night long. The family charges dozens of men fill her up and come all over her while she lays there, taking everything they give her while she is covered in their cum.


Dick Spears – Secrets of a Free Spirit

Description: At the swinger’s club, she told us she was a free spirit. When we met her college-aged kids, we wondered, “how free?” Would they let us in on their secret? Contains incest based on a true story.


Emma Thrust – Incest Erotica 4-Pack

Description: The Incest Erotica 4 Pack features 4 super hot stories of taboo pleasures that are so naughty you’ll squirm while reading them. This bundle includes naughty alpha daddies, brat daughters, groups of friends and nights of debauchery.


Emma Thrust – Ravaging My Daughter While She Sleeps

Description: My 18-year-old daughter, Chrissy, was home from college for the holidays. She’d Crystal has Sexsomnia. You’ve probably never heard of that, but it’s a sleep disorder. My daughter goes to sleep and acts out sexually. So that’s why she does what she does. I don’t have any excuse.


Emma Thrust – Taking My Sister At My Dad’s Cult Meeting

Description: When son Todd sneaks into his Dad’s “lodge” meetings after fellow police officers hint that his father is the head of an incest cult, what he sees shocks him. What he will do with his sister at his father’s direction in front of all the members that night, though, will change who he is forever.


Lily Weidner – Brutal Daddy 4-Pack

Description: This collection features the first four stories of the most depraved taboo erotica. The volume includes disgusting fathers, reluctant daughters, and the rough hardcore incest that soon follows. Forced sex, first time virgins, rough anal punishment, and forbidden impregnation are all just the beginning! Always biological and unprotected—what more could you want? Contains: Pounded By Daddy ~ Impregnated By Daddy ~ Taken By Daddy ~ Punished By Daddy


Houston Cei – Taboo Family

Description: Gina was a voluptuous woman, the perfect mother – always doing her best to please her family. Too bad her husband was abusive and got run off by her protective alpha male of a son! Now, Gina can’t help but crave more of her son’s forbidden possession. Together, their life is about to change. How far will this mother and son go to see their incestuous love affair realized?


Jackie McNab – Temp Job: The First Four

Description: Kendra, Laura, Nancy, and Sasha are four girls who are all down on their luck financially. They all get calls from the Temp-tation Temp Agency and find themselves in the most compromising and humiliating positions imaginable! Kendra is hired as a stewardess, Laura takes a job as a waitress in a biker bar, Nancy works as a receptionist in a clinic, and Sasha spends the day assisting a hot dog vendor. They all wind up with multiple holes filled.


Jade Summers – Getting It On With Gorillas 4-Pack

Description: Four dirty gorilla stories in one book! Gangbangs, milking, forced exhibitionism, mind control, creampies, breeding, spitroast, all holes filled!!! It’s all here if you dare to read these four tales of women who fall under the spell of the horny beasts and get filled in every hole. This 4-Pack includes: Bred and Milked by Gorillas ~ Gorilla Gangbang ~ Hypno Gorilla ~ Stripped and Milked at the Zoo


Jade Summers – Suck Me Doggie Lactation 4-Pack

Description: Four different women with a whole bunch of dogs that like to suck the milk right out of them. But it takes more than milk to satisfy these animals. This 4-Pack includes: Milk Slave to My Pitbull ~ Doggie Likes to Suck ~ Milked by the Doberman ~ Milk Slave on the Dog Farm


Jade Summers – Dogwalker Gangbang

Description: Gabby gets a big surprise when she gets a dog walking job taking a group of ten huge dogs out for a walk in the park. They won’t stop sniffing her and mounting her and when she gets them back to their home they command her to strip. She is fucked in all three holes by the dogs all day long until their master returns from work, then he sticks his cock down Gabby’s throat while he films the whole thing.


Jade Summers – Fucking My Sister On Her Wedding Night

Description: I almost fall off my barstool when my best friend tells me what he wants me to do on his wedding night. He want’s me to join in on a threesome with him and his new wife. The thing is … he’s marrying my sister. I’ve fantasized about her for years, we both have, and now is my chance to get a taste of that pussy of hers. And there’s no way I’m going to pass this chance up.


Jez Bestiality – Punished By The Pit Bull

Description: When my 18-year-old daughter Nancy disobeys, I jokingly give her the option: The paddle or the pit bull. Of course she always chooses the paddle as she’s scared to death of Rocky. But this time was different. She was fertile and horny and called my bluff. This time she chose to be punished by the pit bull.


Jimmy Fucks – Me Smash Mom’s Pussy

Description: Jimmy is a not-too-bright 18-year-old man who is experiencing his sexuality for the first time. Come along on a HOT, wacky ride as the sheer size of his cock brings every woman who sees it to their knees. First up is Jimmy’s mother. Dad’s been gone for awhile and Jimmy is jerking himself in the living room. Sheila lets him know that’s not okay as they have guests coming over. The pastor and wife.


John E. Jay – Daddy Finally Did It With Holly

Description: Holly wanted to do it with her daddy, but he didn’t want to break the incest taboo. She flirted with him outrageously and showed him her breasts and genitals, but he steadfastly refused to do it with her. Her BFF Penny was having an affair with Holly’s daddy and she thought it was time for Holly to do it with her daddy and she arranged to make it happen on his fiftieth birthday.


John E. Jay – Making a Baby on Father’s Day

Description: Karla wanted a baby and her husband, Victor, wasn’t able to impregnate her, so she decided to find a man who could. She soon decided her father would be the ideal man, and she thought he would want to do it for her. She suggested to Victor that they could swing with her parents and he agreed, what she didn’t tell him was that she was going to let her father impregnated her as soon as he could.


Justin Luxure – Used By My Dominate Mother: Complete Collection

Description: James and his gorgeous, VOLUPTUOUS MILF live alone together—trapped under the same roof. Years after the passing of her husband this mother wants to get back out there. So when she begins talking to a man by the name of “Tom” online, she doesn’t realize that she is actually talking to her son! When he confesses to the INSATIABLE COUGAR, she plans on pay back; opening up him to taboo pleasure.


Justin Luxure – Couple’s Retreat With Mother

Description: Jonah knew his mother was a hot voluptuous woman, the embodiment of MILF. He never could understand then why his father kept arguing with her. This week’s argument though changed everything for him. Now his seductive mother wants to take her horny son on a “Sexual Enlightenment Retreat”! Unable to disappoint his attractive mother, will this adventurous son discover some taboo pleasure?


Justin Luxure – Daddy’s Little Brat

Description: Brianna, has always been a bit of a pain in the ass. Even at eighteen she’s still an ungrateful and selfish brat! When Jack and his wife start arguing, this handsome father knows who’s to blame. Now, caught in a real dry spell, he’s entertaining the possibility of taboo sex with his naughty girl. Will this brat take matters into her own hands and show daddy just how bad she can be?


Justin Luxure – Mother And The Web Cam Exploit

Description: Alexa knows she shouldn’t be doing this—but she can’t help herself. Her webcam viewers want something strange and taboo and maybe, she secretly wants it too. With her young stud son making her hotter each day, this adventurous mother craves the incestuous pleasure. Forbidden fruit always tastes best, and this mother is only going to take just one small bite. What could possibly happen next?


Kess Kirkwood – Poolhouse Lust: A Daddy Daughter Sex Story

Description: Abby had teased her Daddy for months, wearing almost nothing, and letting him get a good long look at her delicious body. She wondered if he could make her scream like Momma did every night. She had to change her panties every time she thought about it. At her best friend’s Graduation party, she saw her chance. Alone in the poolhouse changing room, she took that chance and let her Daddy take HER!


Lisa Smiles – Daddy’s Just Clueless

Description: Lucy wants daddy to know she can think for herself and that treating every conversation as some kind of lesson is only going to push her away. So what if he tells her that in all of his life he has never seen a vagina? His wife is a devout Christian. Lucy may just believe him. She may only be eighteen and a virgin but poor clueless daddy knows nothing. He really needs Lucy to give him some lessons.


Lisa Smiles – Fun Family Games

Description: When John’s wife tells his daughters that his dick loses blood when he’s lying, they try getting a hold and finding out secrets. 18 year old Abby has the best breasts, but 19 year old Paige has nicer skin. Out of Paige, mum and Abby, Abby is best. Actually Abby is the cause of his stiffy. It’s time now to learn some fun games that can be played with two pretty daughters and daddy’s big penis.


Lisa Smiles – Girls Who Strip for their Uncles & Daddies

Description: To celebrate their daughters’ eighteenths, brothers Bill and Mike rent a house for a weekend of wine tasting and treating their daughters like grown ups. All it takes is a little tipsy conversation about strippers though and the mask is removed from all their secret hopes from this weekend. Which is best, a niece or a daughter? An uncle or father? A mother or sister? Incest is all good, enjoy it!


Lisa Smiles – Incest, Forgiveness and Heaven

Description: Imagine a religion that wants you to have sex with your eighteen-year-old daughter, so you and her may feel Christ’s forgiveness. If you know the Good News, you will know it makes sense! But what does it look like? Join police officer Finch and his cute daughter Maya as they drift down a path every Christian has one time considered: the path to Incestuous Heaven.


Naughty Nikita – Knocked Up By My Cop Daddy

Description: I knew I’d fucked up bad when daddy threw me in the back of the cruiser, flicked on the lights and took me down to the station. Sheesh, it was just a bit of alcohol, daddy! It’s not like I killed someone. But daddy made a deal with me. Carry his baby or go to jail. He flicked off the lights, pulled into the darkened park next to station and taught me a lesson I’d never forget!


Nocturas Dreamwhisper – Breaking In My Sleeping Daughter

Description: Sweet, Innocent Kinny has been dreaming of losing of her virginity to her Daddy. He’s been dreaming of doing his sexy red-headed daughter. When he catches her masturbating in her sleep, he can’t help but to plunder her untouched treasures. Her dreams finally come true as Daddy fills her completely… too bad she sleeps through it.


Nocturas Dreamwhisper – Knocking Up My Drunk Daughter

Description: After a long night of sex and partying, luscious nineteen-year-old Katie came home drunk AGAIN. Her Daddy’s sick of her slutty ways. Maybe if she had a baby, she’d stop acting like a whore. Lucky for him, she passes out naked on her bed. Her bad Daddy uses her sexy body for his own pleasure, before leaving the fertile teen with a big surprise… TWICE.


Nocturas Dreamwhisper – Popping A Sleeping Virgin’s Cherry

Description: Eighteen year old Miko is heading back to college on the late night train. Unfortunately, she has a problem. Once she falls asleep, it’s almost impossible to wake her up, and she’s getting very tired. She asks the only other passenger to watch over her nubile young body while she sleeps, confiding in him that she is a virgin. ~ Boy, did she ask the wrong guy to protect her.


Taboo Inc. – Daddy’s Cum In My Pussy

Description: If I’d had known Daddy was coming home early I’d have made sure I did my chores in time. He’s in a foul mood and decides to take it out on me in a very sexual way, claiming my fertile pussy in a rough bout of breeding that sees him shoot his cum deep inside me. I’m getting his whole load and there’s nothing I can do about it!


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