Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases: January 2017

Lot’s Cave is always eager to share our new releases with readers! This month, we’ve seen a surge in the number of diverse titles to the Lot’s Cave website. The year is young, but there’s already a little something for everyone. Whether you like incestuous mothers and their sons, handsome fathers and their daughters, or even a round of sibling sex or two, Lot’s Cave has the taboo title for you! Check out our latest below.

Mother Son Incest Titles


Amber FoxxFire – Mom Took My Virginity

Description: I knew my son needed release. It was painfully obvious that he was still a virgin. I’m not sure why, either. He was tall, very muscular and extremely handsome. He’d been working out for the last several months and had turned himself into a heartthrob. Maybe he just needed a little help… I waited for the perfect moment and then seduced him. I taught him everything he needed to know about sex.


Bo Dunne – Mother’s Comfort

Description: Conner has always struggled with his lack of size, but lucky for him Mom’s there to help! When this adventurous son watches his mother in bed, he finds himself desperate. Hearing her cries of pleasure, he can’t help but respond. Hot and hard, Conner’s about to learn how to sate an older woman’s desire. What blissful and incestuous lessons await this intrigued young man in a forbidden night of bliss?


Bo Dunne – Mother’s Lover

Description: Lucas embodies the virile youth of his handsome father, the one who abandoned his mom and left her devastated. With his desperate and voluptuous mother willing to do anything just to keep him at home, this horny young man soon experiences his forbidden fantasy. Will Lucas embrace his place as the new man of the house, and assure that the satisfying pleasure of taboo mother son sex continues?


Celena Wyndemere – A Mother’s Bond

Description: This young mother needed a love that she didn’t know existed. Finally finding it, all morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness-a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away. What can come of love from a taboo source? For the Mother in this story, the opportunity is one many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is incest. But the forbidden provides a release and a need.


Meredith Jaussaud – Eternally Bound

Description: A lovesick young man explores the complexities and intrigue of a long-term relationship with his beautiful mother. Setting out to win the heart of his mother Beth, Chris confronts age old traditions and attitudes, debunking the many baseless fears and myths of passionate, forbidden love between a mother and her son. A once fleeting fetish blossoms into a profound tale of unrequited love and endless passion.

Father Daughter Incest Titles


Lily Weidner – Pounded By Daddy

Description: Daddy wouldn’t let me say no! Every night all I can do is lay there, hot and wet, waiting for my perverse father to enter my room while mommy’s asleep. My little body craves what he’s about to do even if daddy sadistically likes to make me scream! Still, what happens if I can’t take daddy’s girth hard and unprotected? It’s not like I can say no, not to daddy!


Lily Weidner – Impregnated By Daddy

Description: Daddy always did have depraved fantasies. I guess that’s why I wasn’t surprised when he made me take mommy’s place. The sex was always rough and taboo, but I kind of grew to like it! I mean, I’m daddy’s girl and I’d do anything to please him. It’s too bad daddy intends to make me prove it. I’m his devoted little slut and now daddy wanted to take me unprotected. But, when do I tell him I’m fertile?


Lily Weidner – Taken By Daddy

Description: Daddy caught me staring at his large bulge, and now he intends to punish me! I think daddy just wants an excuse to fulfill his perverted sadistic fantasies though. The first brutal lesson in becoming daddy’s devote little slut is taboo unprotected sex! With mother in the next room, I could say he forced me, but then again, would daddy even let me?


Lisa Smiles – A Father Floodwater & Daughter

Description: A dilapidated farmhouse is a dark and uncanny place to be trapped with a daughter, especially one like Brianna, so focused on her studies that her sexual being has not been awoken. With the internet down she is desperate to complete her assignment, on the male organ, and dad is the only one with the resources she needs. A southern Gothic tale of forbidden love, love making and making babies.


Lisa Smiles – The Games Some Daughters Will Play

Description: When 18 year old Kylie jokingly adds a believable confession to an internet forum on incest, she gets a realistic suggestion: make it all look like a game. Soon Ben, her father, is enjoying rough-house games with his daughter again. No longer aloof, she’s being playful, quite physical, careless about what she touches… she is being really quite naughty. Well daddy has some naughty games too!


S.J. Winters – My Slutty Daughter

Description: Neil has been secretly lusting over his daughter, Hayley, for a long time. She’s a cheerleader with a tight curvy body, massive tits, and a reputation as the school slut. When Hayley unexpectedly returns home while her parents are entertaining a special guest, the night takes an unforeseen turn and Neil has the chance to fulfill his dream.


Daddy’s Needs Fulfilled – Forced To Carry Daddy’s Baby

Description: Just home from college, I thought I’d settle in to a routine. But mom and dad fighting all the fucking time really got on my nerves. But when mom explained what they fighting over, I suddenly became interested. Apparently, dad wanted more kids, but she was barren. So, I agreed to carry my daddy’s baby for her. No kid wants to see their parents break up. The second I stepped into my father’s room, however, I found out the ugly truth. Daddy was going to put a baby in my belly whether I liked it or not. And the way he beat and raped me made it clear that he didn’t care about what I felt.


Daddy’s Needs Fulfilled – Raping My Daughter’s Swollen Pussy

Description: My newly-turned 18-year-old daughter had recently come to live with me. I don’t know why, but she was always flaunting her stunning body around me. Her large, voluptuous breasts seemed to always be spilling out of her bra. I guess some girls that age just loved teasing daddy. But the last straw was when I came home early and found my slutty 18-year-old daughter masturbating in the living room. She knew I could come home early and catch her. What would you…?


Daddy’s Needs Fulfilled – Raping My Struggling Fertile Daughter

Description: My 18-year-old daughter, Chrissy, was home from college for the holidays. She’d invited a bunch of girls over for a slumber party and they were making so much noise, my head hurt. However, it’s when the house grew unusually quiet that I grew concerned.


Tommy Mackson – The Implication

Description: Whether our daddy has bought his daughter a limo ride for her birthday, bought her a mega yacht, or given her a hell of a limo ride, each steamy story possesses one thing in common… a sex crazed billionaire father who wants to have some fun with his daughter! This Steamy 3 story bundle will be sure to leave you hanging on every last hot sexy scene.


Veronica Sloan – Bound For Step-Daddy

Description: Carl’s step-daughter is a spoiled brat. She rebels against his authority, she talks back to her mother, and she’s always hanging out with her idiot boyfriend. One day, Carl comes home early to find the girl tied to her bed! It seems he’s interrupted an amateur BDSM session. That’s okay, because Carl’s going to punish his naughty step-daughter in a way her mother would definitely disapprove of!


Victoria Blackstone – Relative Heat

Description: Forbidden desires always seem to lead to hotter more satisfying sex—even if it’s with family! This quality six story collection features that boundary pushing bond between devoted fathers and their loving daughters. The incestuous sex is tender and sweet, even if the relationship is taboo. When a father and daughter decide to give into temptation, what satisfaction will they discover possible?

Sibling Incest Titles


Bo Dunne – Sibling Sex

Description: Handsome and rugged, Greg is the brother Delia can’t stop wanting. When her tortured knight returns from the Army as a decorated veteran, he comes home changed. Now she yearns to heal the soldier who captured her heart. Burning with need, this sister harbors a secret desire only her brother can satisfy. Will Delia confess her forbidden attraction and unlock an incestuous first time between siblings?


Celena Wyndemere – My Brother, My Slave

Description: Susie was young, blonde, beautiful and horny; and found a way to satisfy her sexual needs by blackmailing her twin brother when she caught him in a very compromising position. He would do anything to keep her from telling their parents. Pleasuring herself, she disregarded her brother’s sexual needs. She in fact made him her… sex slave. But in the end, who was the master and who was the slave?


Lauren Milfinger – The Life of Lauren

Description: The Life of Lauren is the erotic autobiography of a kinky, beautiful writer of erotic novels, short stories, and screenplays. She’s experienced cheerleader daisy chains, horny preachers, life in an adults-only nudist colony, worked on porn shoots, loves ocean cruises, the taste of jizz, and can pee standing up. She likes men and women, lives with her  brother, and once had a threesome with him and their Aunt Becky.


R. Richard – Trapped With Sister

Description: I always loved hearing my sister confess the dirty details of her job. She had to strip nude, dance all sexy until the customers were satisfied. What I yearned to hear most though were the details of what went on in the back room. You know, where my sister had disgustingly depraved sex with strangers. Sis liked sex, got off on the immorality of it, but she loved incestuous sex with me most.


Samantha Archer – Exposing Sister

Description: Sarah has had a crush on her brother since before she can remember. But he’s always seen her as his nerdy kid sister. When she learns he is into voyeurism, she becomes an exhibitionist – putting herself in precarious situations to be exposed to strangers. Little does she know how hard it will really be. But the rewards will be great. Includes all three stories in the Exposing Sister series.

Family Incest Titles


Douglas Mayweather – Horny Young Men

Description: Seven stories about seven young men, led into a world of erotic man-to-man sex by an adult relative. An uncle, an older cousin or a big brother, each could be the perfect one to guide a boy into manhood and show him where pure incestuous pleasure can be found.


Mo Beevir – Arkansas Family Reunion

Description: Suzi Arkansas had just turned 18, so this was the first year she got to attend the annual family reunion at Grandpa’s farm. There are lots of surprises. No one wears clothes at the reunion, her brother has a huge cock, most of the old folks are married to their cousins, except for the ones married to their siblings, and when Grandma says there’ll be a milking contest, no cows are needed. Cousins, siblings, parents, everyone, it’s a loving family.


R. Richard – Taboo Dance

Description: In a taboo town, Cara is the ultimate prize. Anything goes if you have the money, no matter how kinky or immoral the act! Now, with her beloved town in desperate need, Cara’s going to be pushed beyond her limits. There’s a strip show, nude dancing, fondling by strangers, and even more to the highest bidder! Will Cara’s family adequately prepare her for the depraved attentions of wealthy men?

Bestiality Sex Titles


James Lucien – An Elf Sister’s Secret

Description: An Elf Sister’s Secret is a fantasy erotica novella. A lesbian futu story about passionate incest between sisters. Rayna, a teenage elf, has always admired her older sister, Fayanna, and is secretly attracted to her. When Fayanna returns from being the captive of a goblin sorcerer, she has an embarrassing transformation that’ll repel her betrothed. Fayanna reveals her secret to Rayna, who in turn confesses her sensual desire.


James Lucien – Ravenous Obsession

Description: Ravenous Obsession is a supernatural-horror erotica novella. A tale of predatory desire and incestuous lust. A brawny werewolf infatuated with his younger human sister gives into his long-gestating sexual impulses and hunts her through the dark woods. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one seeking her virginity under the full moon.


James Lucien – Teddy Bear Nightmare

Description: A space scavenger gives his teenage daughter an old teddy bear as a nostalgic gift, which he found on a mysteriously abandoned freighter, unknowing of the malicious entity contained within. Teddy Bear Nightmare is a science-fiction horror erotica novella. An incestuous BDSM story of dubious consent and non-consensual sex.


Amber FoxxFire – Bigfoot Knocked Up My Dog

Description: I was just minding my own business fishing by the lake when something startled me and ran off with my dog. Chasing it down, I realized it was the legendary Bigfoot. But what was that he was doing with my dog? Someone had to stop him! He was so…gigantic! He could hurt my dog! But…I was utterly mesmerized by the sheer size of it. All I could do was watch helplessly as Bigfoot knocked up my bitch.


Amber FoxxFire – Riding My Neighbor’s Stallion

Description: Mrs. Richman asked me to watch her pinto stallion, Thunder, for the weekend while she was gone. I’d grown up around that stud and now that I was 18 I could be trusted around him. Or could I? It didn’t take long after she was gone before the large stallion grew frisky. Suddenly, I wondered what it would be like to touch it. I grew wet just thinking about it. What I found shocked me to my core.


Jez Bestiality – Big Black’s Bitch

Description: Getting my first job at 18 wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I did like dogs. And having the full run of someone else’s place seemed somehow naughty to me. So when I was offered the opportunity to doggie-sit the two handsome German Shepherds next door, I jumped at the chance. I just had no idea that it would lead to me becoming a huge, depraved slut willing to do anything for my “fix.”


Jez Bestiality – Hypnotized By My Dog

Description: Things had changed ever since I’d lapped up that weird, green liquid. I didn’t know what it was and didn’t care. All I knew was that now I suddenly had the power to influence my human’s mind. Smelling my fertile human’s heat pushed me over the edge. I had to have her. I needed to embed myself deep within her and mate with her. Reaching out to her mind, I found that she was weak. Now was my chance!


Jez Bestiality – My Dog Took Me In My Sleep

Description: It had been a long, exhausting day at the office. Boss wanted me to work overtime and you know how it is. If you want to eat, you do what he says. So, I get home, disrobe and figure I’ll do a bit of light yoga before passing out. Except once I hit the floor, my body had other ideas. And so did my large, half German, half Rott mix. He made me his bitch.

BDSM & Non-Consent Titles


Crimson Rose – Resisting Temptation

Description: Running away from an abusive relationship, Tanya finds herself at the Sisters of the Veiled Heart – a remote convent in another state and far enough away from her ex that she finally felt safe. After a month of finding excused to stay, she decided to take the trials to become a nun. Having no idea what she was getting herself into, she descended the stairs into the underground, leaving behind her old life of fear and self-loathing for one filled.


Kurt Dysan – The King’s Pleasure

Description: From the moment of his coronation the new king throws the kingdom into chaos. He makes it clear that all that matters is his pleasures—sex with all the attractive women in his domain and wrestling—with women as prizes. Gala’s husband opposes the new ways; her sister Lucretia’s husband wants to gain favor with the king. Gala is going to be used in every way; the only choice is what side to take.


Lizzy Eliot – Trailer Trash

Description: Sonya moves into a trailer with her friend Terri. It’s a sleazy trailer park, filled with bikers and drug dealers and they are struggling to find a way out. When Terri loses her job, her drug habit gets her turning tricks out of the trailer for Wanda and Barry. They want Sonya working for them too, even if they have to get her hooked. But there is another option. There’s a high-end club that wants Sonya too–if she can escape Wanda.


Nicola Nichols – Lust For The Open Road

Description: Trudy loves being on the back of a big motorcycle holding tight to a biker. That life isn’t easy or even sane, but it’s better than waiting tables in a truck stop hoping to make ends meet and banging long-haul truckers. When she hooks up with a new guy the sex is hot, unprotected, and rough and power struggles find some girls forced to turn tricks. It’s a dangerous, hot time.


Persephone Faye – Tempted By The Teacher

Description: Rose, recently turned eighteen is intrigued to meet the new English teacher. After her first lesson, she decides she wants to see a lot more of him and hatches a plan. Asking for one on one tutoring she slowly draws him out aiming to taste the forbidden love between teacher and student. But what she gets will be an education in becoming a woman…


Samantha Archer – Sweet Revenge

Description: Jason’s sister Rachel is nothing short of a bitch to him. After she crosses the line, humiliating him and exposing his lust for her, he decides she needs to learn a little humility. With camera in hand, he takes advantage of his sister in the most naughty way possible, including ass play, blackmail, drugging and more! Vengeance has never felt so good and so wrong.


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