Author Spotlight

Desperate Mothers – Gerry Maxwell

A Delightful Tale Of Mother Son Incest


Author Spotlight: Desperate Mothers

1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?

Mothers across America constantly complain about their sons. They drink too much, smoke pot, or should do better in school. Instead of yelling at them, what if these mothers became so desperate, they used sex to keep their boys in line? And what if these mothers had large, beautiful breasts that no son could resist?

That’s the premise of Desperate Mothers. You’ll meet busty soccer mom Nancy and her son Adam. Desperate to improve his bad behavior and failing grades, Nancy falls under the spell of the elegant Patrice and her geeky son Joey. Inspired by Japanese moms, Patrice convinces Nancy to feed her large breasts to Adam and jerk off his aching cock to help him focus better on school and life. Having passed her initiation, Nancy is invited to join Patrice’s Mothers Club, where she meets two other big-breasted mothers and their sons.

But is there more going on than innocent Mother-Son contact? Can Nancy overcome her painful anxiety over the size of her breasts? Can she discover whether someone is secretly manipulating them? Ultimately, can Nancy become a better mother, raise a good son, and save the world?

This one has it all. Mommy-son sex, strap-on sex, and a little gay sex. Big breasts, dripping nipples, and pounding erections. Boob slapping, ball spanking, nursing hand jobs, and bare-breasted bondage. A jerk off contest, a cat fight, and even a game of topless water volleyball.

2. What other books would you compare to your own story?

I love big-breast mother-son erotic fiction. First and foremost, I was inspired by Japanese Hentai shotacon mother-son incest comic books and video games. Most feature busty moms and well-hung sons. English translations are easy to find on the net.

But I also like erotic fiction where the sex is more than just sex it has real significance to the mother, the son, and the story itself. I also like it when mom and son are compelled to do it and everything takes place in a heightened reality, where ordinary people become involved in unusual situations.

As a result, I was inspired by films by director Russ Meyer that feature women with incredible breasts. The stories start out in the world outside your window, but soon over-the-top things begin to happen. And I was inspired by author Lee Child’s action-oriented mystery novels. You get a real feel for the three dimensional world taking place outside the hero, former Army MP Jack Reacher, as well as what is going on inside his head.

3. What inspired the title of your latest book?

First was the Desperate Housewives TV series. Four beautiful women living on the same street, getting into all kinds of soap opera trouble. Imagine that happening to a group of busty moms and their well-hung sons.

Second was the saying, “desperate times call for desperate measures” sometimes attributed to Guy Fawkes. Think about what it takes for a mother to have sex with her son. Mother-son incest is one of the ultimate taboos. So it can’t just be physical attraction. A mother has to have some powerful motivation. What’s more compelling than a woman desperate to do anything to help her son?

Sons need powerful impetus, too. To many boys, sex with mom is downright weird. The answer was mothers with big, beautiful breasts. As Patrice tells Nancy in Desperate Mothers, “Every guy whether he’s a young adult or an old man lusts for boobs. Especially mommy’s. Especially when mommy has big ones like us. It is hardwired into them.”

4. Taken as a whole, what moral, social, or political questions does your story discuss?

When a mother crosses the line and has sex with her son, they enter a whole new world. The old ways of doing things no longer apply. Desperate Mothers explores some of the possibilities.

Will sex be a source of love that deepens the mother-son bond? A power that enables her to dominate her son? Or a weakness that causes her to surrender to her son?

What happens to the son? Will he appreciate his mother even more? Or take advantage of her?

Will sex change how he expresses his love to her? Does it morph from an innocent peck on mom’s cheek, to pounding his cock inside her and cumming as hard as he can?

And what happens to the son who wants, but can’t have sex with his mother? Can he control himself? If he can’t, then what?

Find out in Desperate Mothers!

5. Artistically or literarily, were there any challenges creating your story’s dynamics?

Desperate Mothers started as a short story. The challenge was developing it into a full length novel with a protagonist, antagonist, and a real plot.

I had to develop personality profiles and histories for each major character. I needed to understand what made them tick, why they would have sexual contact with their sons, and how it would change them.
There’s also a mystery. So I had to be careful to show what each character knew at what time without tipping off the reader and spoiling all the fun.

And speaking of fun, I also had to find a way to stuff the book with all kinds of mother-son sex in a way that furthered the plot.

Last but not least, I couldn’t afford to pay an outside editor. I had to read the manuscript again and again to make sure everything was clear.

It took three years to finish, but based on the emails I have received, it was well worth it.

6. How do you feel the cover highlights your story?

Moira Nelligar’s team did a fantastic job.

I needed to show a desperate looking, big-breasted mother caught up in a dilemma and mystery.

The photo of a woman in her late 30s-early 40s, clutching her breasts in the dark, with light falling across her cleavage, captured this from the point of view of Nancy, the lead character.

The red border attracts the eye and radiates a sense of danger and excitement. And the quality of photograph fit in well with my other titles.

7. Share with us an interesting fact or moment in your book.

One special moment is when Nancy learns what Patrice is really doing with her son Joey.

It starts with Patrice inviting Nancy over to secretly watch how she gets Joey to behave. Nancy peeks into Joey’s bedroom. Patrice sits on her son’s bed, her back to Nancy. Joey is lying down under the covers in front of Patrice.

Nancy is mystified. Why does Patrice take off her robe? She isn’t wearing a bra. Joey can see her abundant naked breasts. And why is her fist moving up and down under his blanket?

The covers slip away, and Joey erupts with pleasure. Nancy is so taken aback, she bolts out of the house. When she can’t run anymore, she stops and replays in her mind what she saw.

She imagines what it was like from Joey’s point of view and understands what Patrice did, why it works, and why Nancy should do it, too.

The scene is special for many reasons. It captures Nancy’s sense of shock and awe; the power and control Patrice has over her son; the uncontrollable pleasure Joey experiences at the hands of his mother; and his absolute willingness to do anything to please her.

8. What is your favorite part or scene in your book?

I packed each chapter with a least one powerful sex scene between a mother and son or somebody significant to the story. But Chapter 10 “Patrice’s Pool Party” stands out.

All four big-breasted mothers and their sons start playing water volley ball. One of Patrice’s boobs pops out of her bikini. Soon, all four mothers go topless. The sons get super hard. The mothers give chase and rip off the boys’ bathing suits. The scene ends with an explosive mother-son jerk off contest that is particularly dramatic from Nancy’s point of view.

I had a lot of fun conveying the sense of wild abandon between mothers and sons and the mothers’ joy at helping their sons ejaculate. So much fun that I actually wrote this chapter early on and then had to go back and write the rest of the book leading up to it and what happens afterward. But what made it even more enjoyable is that there is something else going on behind the scenes that Nancy is stunned later to discover.

9. What appeals to you most about writing for this genre?

Big-breast, mother-son incest is one of the hottest sexual fantasies. It is so primal, so Freudian. Some men can’t cum unless they can call a woman mommy and she has big breasts. Some women have unbelievable orgasms when men call them mommy and cum inside them.

The agony and ecstasy in writing such novels is creating sexual situations that are highly stimulating, but new and different, yet believable in the context of the story.

With Desperate Mothers, however, I also realized a mother’s decision to have sexual relations with her son can start her on a hero’s journey a journey that can free her of society’s rules and regulations.

Mothers with large breasts can play an even bigger part in this. Society and feminists frown upon such women, making them uncomfortable with their bodies. But when a busty woman engages in mother-son incest, it is often breast centric the son can’t help but get hard for mom’s big tits.

So not only can incest liberate such a mother, but it can embolden her to use the full power of her breasts, to change her and her son’s life and others around her. She can literally and physically become Super Mom! This is exactly how Nancy feels when she dresses in a shimmering silk bra, panties and robe before she goes to her son’s bedroom and consummates their relationship.

We live in a world where the forces of power are constantly trying to stamp out individual freedom. Right now, statist governments are chomping at the bit to take control of the Internet. Against this background, big-breast mother-son incest becomes a literary vehicle to explore the struggle individuals everywhere face in living their own lives, on their own terms.

This has inspired me to write more books for Lot’s Cave.

10. Is there a place readers can leave feedback or comments such as social media sites or email?

I live for feedback. Email me at All correspondence will be kept confidential.

Also visit my website where I sometimes publish short stories.

desperate-mothers-thumbnail-96-dpiAvailable Now!


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