10 Hot Mother Son Title List

Lot’s Cave knows there is nothing hotter than a loving mother and her doting son. Their relationship might be taboo, but what good romance isn’t? Readers will find a diverse selection of mother son themed erotica and romance at our bookstore, but why wait? We’ve complied a forbidden list of the hottest incestuous mother son titles to ever see publication in our bookstore!

J.R. Shane – Loving My Mother

loving-my-mother-thumbnail-96-dpiTrue stories of mother son incest are rare, so it’s no surprise J.R. Shane’s latest title caught our notice. In perhaps one of the most graphic and erotic autobiographies to date, Shane dares to confess all the raunchy details of his taboo romance. The story of how one son gave into temptation and dared to sate his mother’s craving for a love far deeper than many experience, will no doubt leave you hot, curious, and perhaps even tempted yourself! Click For More.

Kathy Andrews – My Peeping Mom

my-peeping-mom-thumbnail-96-dpiIn one of her steamiest stories, Kathy Andrews gives us an adventurous mother who can’t get enough of her handsome son. As they watch their neighbors engage in taboo acts of their own, this incestuous family dares to push boundary after boundary. With no end in sight to their forbidden pleasure, these two families are soon engaging in acts too brazen for many to acknowledge. Kathy Andrews knows how to bring readers to the brink, and then heat things up all over again! Click For More.

Kaye Bee -Mom Needs Her Son

mom-needs-her-son-thumbnail-96-dpiQuestioning the morality of mother son incest has never been more alluring than Kaye Bee’s Mom Needs Her Son. With a devoted wife, wanting to spicy up her love life,  her attentions turn toward the young man of the house in a steamy moment of perverse pleasure. Capturing the moment this mother descends into a world of forbidden lust and passion, readers cannot go wrong with Kaye Bee’s latest taboo tale. With a little immorality for all, Mom Needs Her Son is sure to be an instant secret indulgence for many! Click For More.

Gerry Maxwell – Desperate Mothers

desperate-mothers-thumbnail-96-dpiEvery son fantasizes about his mother’s secret desires, and in Gerry Maxwell’s Desperate Mothers, one perverse son discovers more than he ever expected. Challenging our modern boundaries and perceptions of motherhood, Gerry Maxwell mixes gentle femdom with forbidden sex acts that leave us breathless. Passionate and steamy, this tale of  mother and son temptation and limitless exploration dares to spark the imagination of readers in a whole new way!  Click For More.

Surely Wilder – Mother’s Surprise Party

Mother's Surprise Party - Thumbnail (96 DPI)An incestuous twist on a sensual kink, Mother’s Surprise Party is a must read. Pushing the limits of readers with a mother son threesome, Surely Wilder holds nothing back in her latest tale of taboo romance. As this unsure mother discovers her desires spiraling deeper into the realm of taboo perversion, her son intends on releasing his own pent up fantasies. Surely Wilder’s erotic short story is the perfect mix of too hot to handle and boundary pushing sex, complete with mother son impregnation! Click For More.

E.R.O. Scott – Tumbling with My Mom

tumbling-with-my-mom-thumbnail-96-dpiFeaturing the modern taboo fantasies running rampant on social media blog sites, E.R.O. Scott provides readers an erotic tale of steamy mother son passion. When one mother discovers the secret desires of another, adventurous perversions surface. Mixing the incestuous members of two families engaging in mother son sex, Tumbling with My Mom is sure to tempt readers into discovering the diversity of Contemporary Incest Erotica! Click For More.

 R.M. Dexter – The Good Mom

The Good Mom - Thumbnail (96 DPI)Inspired by a popular television show, R.M. Dexter’s latest erotic tale puts an incestuous twist on a steamy romance. The Good Mom, features a heartbroken mother looking for the comfort found only in her loving son’s arms. As the two grow closer, their forbidden attraction only grows stronger. Readers cannot help but fall in love with R.M. Dexter’s attractive and seductive characters whose taboo romance thrills and delights! Click For More.

Houston Cei – Laura’s Lust

lauras-lust-thumbnail-96-dpiThe first of a sweet and sensual trilogy, Laura’s Lust gives readers a front row seat to one woman’s decent into taboo pleasure. Touching on the erotic nature behind one family’s closed doors, Houston Cei gives readers the ultimate taboo experience. When one innocent young woman finally embraces her forbidden desires, she soon becomes an adventurous mother craving an intimate bond with her son. Those looking for an incestuous trilogy won’t be disappointed with Houston Cei’s hot and seductive Laura, in Laura’s Lust. Click For More.

Baron LeSade – Mother’s Milk

mothers-milk-thumbnail-96-dpiBusty and seductive, Krista is one mother a son can’t help but lust after. In the depth of this son’s forbidden fantasies is a special place reserved just for his alluring mother. Caught on a road trip, this lactating mother and virile son explore a boundary between them aching to do so much more. In a moment of lust, this mother and son can’t help but let their passion surface now. Baron LeSade’s tale of mother son nursing and incestuous sex is sure to leave readers satisfied! Click For More.

Lady Calandra – The Strongest Bond

the-strongest-bond-thumbnail-96-dpiSteamy with boundary pushing content The Strongest Bond is the perfect read for those needing a hot spark of emotional toe curling seduction. As one son tries to heal his mother’s cold demeanor, he learns what she really craves is taboo. Dedicated and protective, this son soon pushes his mother into a night of incestuous sex too passionate to refuse. Once their incestuous relationship starts though, how will their heated and forbidden tale end? Click For More.


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