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November 2016

New & Taboo Releases!

Ever wondered about your family during the holidays? Well, with Thanksgiving so close Lot’s Cave knows just what’s on your mind. To help, we’ve released a whole new set of taboo erotica! Why not check out our latest forbidden stories?

New This Month


Allison Heather: A Pleasant Mistake

Description: Caroline is an intern in her family owned multi-billion industry. Unlike the stick and bones females of present time, she is a full bodied curvy woman, but still unattached. Her mother decides she needs help with her self confidence. Caroline is also recruited to help with her mother’s perceived problem with her husband. Father and daughter are sent to a vacation away from the stress of the work to Maldives. Caroline and her father make most of a genuine misunderstanding.


Amber Ambrosia: College Girls Do It Best

Description: Amber’s Latest Erotic Collection, featuring 4 erotic tales about hot, young and willing college coeds. Check out all the action in this collection guaranteed to make you hot. Featured in this collection are the following stories: 1) Filming a College Orgy; 2) She Seduced the Babysitter; 3) Getting Pregnant for Money; 4) Seduced by my Best Friend’s Dad.


Arabella Stark: Mommy’s Milk

Description: “Ooh, Pete, that’s so good. Keep milking Mommy.” It’s hard to believe that those words came out of my mouth, but I promise there’s an explanation. My nipples had become so incredibly sensitive since I became pregnant. Well, truth be told, they were always sensitive and in the right hands they could send me to the moon. Now, the sensitivity was dialed up to eleven and my full tits were painfully full.


Crimson Rose: Momma Mia BDSM Breeding Erotica

Description: After attending Chloe and Abbie’s bdsm-themed wedding, many of the guests have set aside their prejudices and inhibitions and given the kinky lifestyle a try, including the parents of both brides and many of their friends. Lessons in submission follows some of the men and women on their journey out of the mundane lives they’ve been living and into the exciting realm of the bizarre.


Douglas Mayweather: Brother’s Lust

Description: What happens when brotherly love turns into brotherly lust? Why would a brother’s affection for his brother become carnal desire? When one brother’s admiration for his brother grows into a longing to make love to him, how should that brother respond? Should he simply offer up his body to satisfy his brother’s debauched hunger, or become his brother’s lover? Read these stories and discover how fourteen brothers answered these questions.


Frank Zenau: Day Trip

Description: Taking his dog to a nearby park, Apollo takes off; in search of Apollo he finds a young girl staked out naked with Apollo standing over her. She was robbed and left to die. With no place to go he takes her home where she tells him about years of captivity as a sex slave. Infatuated, he finds her very useful and plans to keep her. Thinking she’s being ignored she takes matter in her own hands for her own sexual needs. Her own plans may or may not include Matt.


Houston Cei: Family Threesome 2

Description: When Beverly unveils her sexual adventure with her father to her best friend Yolanda, she is amazed at her friend’s approval. Yolanda then tells Beverly how her own incestuous affair. Beverly is at first stunned to hear that her own father was included in a foursome with Yolanda’s family but then comes to accept it. The two girls arrange for some very creative sexual encounters, including the trading of partners.


Kathy Andrews: A Ball With Mom

Description: Peering around the door, Bob and Sally watched their mother masturbate. They’d often spied on her, but this was the first time they’d seen her using the mirror this way. Bob’s cock pressed at the front of his pants, hard, his balls aching. Sally was experiencing a delicious, moist heat between her thighs, tits swollen inside her summer sweater, her tiny nipples making points against it. How should a mom, caught in the act, react to them? What would you do?


Lily Weidner: Incest Tales Volume 1

Description: Focusing on one family’s immoral love, this three story collection features the limitless pleasure of incestuous sex. A voluptuous mother finds herself dominated by her handsome son, daddy finds himself seduced by his alluring daughter, and a naughty sister finds herself punished by her older brother. With their taboo lusts running rampant, what forbidden acts will this loving family unlock?


Ray Todd: His Loving Little Sister

Description: Robin and Brent are the closest of siblings–struggling to find a kindred spirit. Plagued by their powerful emotions and overwhelming urges, these two siblings are about to journey into the forbidden. When this brother and sister find their bond goes much deeper than the love others experience, their taboo yearning grants them a perverse sense of satisfaction. Will their sexual exploits be enough to calm the pressure of family, friends, and society itself?


Veronica Sloan: Dad’s Big Secret

Description: Brittany is a very good girl with one very dirty secret: She’s always wanted a man with a few extra inches down below. It’s too bad she keeps hooking up with guys who fall short of her expectations. But when she accidentally sees her father leaving the shower, she learns he has a secret all his own: He’s got a huge package! Will Brittany commit the ultimate taboo just to satisfy her desire?


Victoria Blackstone: Mother’s Permission

Description: Corinne’s hormones are raging, and her focus is squarely on daddy, who’s only too happy to oblige her… if she can get her mother’s permission. The task at first seems daunting, but with daddy’s guidance, she turns on the charm, and turns an already warm relationship with her mother into a simmering delicacy. Our sweet, little charmer is quick to learn that, although daddy fills a certain void, mommy’s love is what she really craves.


Zoey Marie: Forbidden Love 2

Description: Eric has had the hots for his mom for years now, and up until recently, he had fantasized about her constantly. But then, one fateful weekend, that all changed. Fantasy became reality. He’s begun a secret sexual relationship with his own mother. And now he is headed into uncharted territory. He will enjoy new pleasures and endure new problems…

Image - 1 Zipper (Horizontal)

Looking for more taboo erotica? Be sure to check out our main website: Lot’s Cave.


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