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Taboo Erotic Releases – October 2016

The weather is starting to get a bit colder, but Lot’s Cave has titles to spice up the night! With steamy boundary pushing titles only a click away, what more do you need? This month, we’re offering titles featuring mother son sex, naughty daughters, depraved family bondage, and much more! Why not warm up your steamy night with an erotic or romantic tale?

Mother Son Incest


Description: When Mom brings takes her 18-year-old son to the doctor for his annual checkup, the doctor is concerned his immature physical growth might be negatively affecting his sexual development. How can Mom help her son develop normally into a man? Her incestuous mother son relationship method may well be considered unusual—even shocking—but is nonetheless successful. This novel reminds us that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal and necessary for others.


Description: How would a son admit to having carnal knowledge of his mother? The startling truth might surprise those daring enough to read it. When a widowed mother and son form an intimate unshakable bond, they soon find their taboo thoughts overwhelming. With their forbidden relationship having blossomed into a romance that spans decades, what secrets lie buried in this erotic autobiographical confession? Non-fictional account presented as fiction to protect the guilty.


Description: An unexpected snow storm has left this voluptuous mother stranded—along with her daughter and son-in-law! Now, Carole’s eager to discover how such a handsome younger man actually seduced her daughter. When her daughter voices some forbidden and telling desires of her own, will this mother-in-law find herself experiencing the kind of taboo threesome that makes her beg for more?

training-mom-1-thumbnail-96-dpiDescription: Adam and Jon had always been best friends. They shared everything together—including their hot mothers! As a handsome young man, Adam can’t get enough of the depraved depths Jon’s stepmother will lower herself to. Now though, Jon’s mother wants in on the fun! With two horny mature women to satisfy their taboo and debauched cravings, what exotic pleasures await them?

Father Daughter Incest


Description: His life wasn’t much, but at least it was his own. That changes when the daughter he abandoned 15 years earlier comes to stay while her momma spends two months in jail. Lizzy has grown into a voluptuous young woman, tempting her estranged father in ways neither of them is prepared for. He wants to do right by his girl, but will this deadbeat dad’s wavering moral resolve stand up to the seductive lure of his long-lost daughter’s sexual curiosity?


Description: Darlene has always been an innocent little girl—until she watches daddy shower. The forbidden way he touches himself makes her crave him in immoral ways. He’s handsome, an older man who knows how to satisfy a young woman like her. With incestuous sex becoming a temptation she can’t deny, daddy’s naughty girl plans to seduce her father. Will she discover daddy’s been keeping secrets of his own?


Description: Volumes 1-4 of “Daddy’s Forbidden Desire” is now available in one box set! Dale is a hard-working husband and father with a lot on his mind, but he’s still got the libido of a young stallion! His wife is no longer interested in sex, so what can he do when his hot and horny daughter sets out to seduce him? As Katie tempts her father at every turn, will Dale give in to this forbidden desire?

Family & Sibling Incest


Description: Jay Cantrell is in lust with his neighbor’s gorgeous wife and their two totally hot daughters. His neighbor loses his job and his family is in great financial difficulties. Jay has just won a huge lottery amount and decides to help his friends out but only if they will do as he wants them to—making real a sexual fantasy he has had about them for years. He calls them all over to his house to make his indecent proposal to them.


Description: My hot brother Stan and I are twins and both turning eighteen. I want his best friend to take my cherry. My girlfriend Al wants Stan to take hers. I know that once we start down that particular road the cherry popping will just be for openers. I think I know what it will take to convince Stan and I’m getting wet just thinking about that.


Description: Jason and his twin sister have always been close—perhaps a little too close. When Jason’s experimentally-minded sister wants to watch him with her friends, he’s all too willing. Now, this horny brother is discovering another side of his mischievous sister. As a nude dancer, she knows all the right moves to excite him and his depraved thoughts! Will Jason discover his twin is even dirtier than he expected?


Description: The Great War ended and the world went mad with passion and desire. Cargo ships were illegally bringing liquor into America. Jazz was in, as were ‘flappers’, women who frequented ‘Speakeasy’ clubs, wearing short dresses with nothing under them but skin. Colli’s children began to bring spouses into the fold of family loving… and grandchildren for Colli and Hugh Murphy to nurture and educate in the ancient Irish tradition of family love.


Description: Sometimes in life one has to fight for love even with your own loved ones. Keisha dotes on her mother Dani. Her mother has to make arrangements to look after her widowed father. Keisha lands a hand and soon develop a strong bond with her grandfather.Dani feels a stab of jealousy as she sees her daughter become the focus of her father’s life and she gives into irrational envy.


Description: Angel never expected her cousin to notice her maturing body. For years, they’ve been denying the curious heat between them. Try as she might to deny her forbidden desire, Angel just can’t seem to lose her innocence to another. Now, her cousin is back, and horny as ever. At their next family celebration. will these two adventurous cousins discover the love they have for one another includes incest?

BDSM Erotica


Description: Return to the Northern Kingdom, where naked slave girls are chained for your pleasure…if you can avoid getting stabbed in the back. Black Templar Bruno Cromwell is back, and he never seems to run out of dragons to slay or fair maidens to ravish. Meanwhile, in the south, Dragon Slayer Seamus must contend with a fire breathing monster…if he can avoid being distracted by the sweet slave flesh of his naked wizardess…


Description: Jet setting Monique gets her way and convinces her rich parents to fund her summer vacation in London in order to further her career goals. Little did she or her family suspect that behind the care free, Bohemian facade of the many pubs, there lurked danger. This savage and brutal story of men using and training young females will shock you and make you wonder if there’s any hope for Monique.


Description: Sarah Conway has just hit thirty—and she’s ready for some fun! Adventurous and naughty, this young woman is desperate to experience the worst of humanity’s depraved pleasures. After answering a mysterious and steamy proposition for depraved sex, Sarah Conway might get the sensations she’s always craved. But, how far will she go to keep her new Lord and Lady’s wanton interest?


Description: Rebecca always wanted to be the perfect wife and mother—but fate had other plans. When she finds herself given away to a man old enough to be her father, Rebecca seems unable to capture his interest. Unable to help her desire to please him, she’ll do anything to satisfy him. Now, Rebecca thinks she’s found the answer. Will the degrading and exotic pleasure she has in mind win over her Master?

Gay & Lesbian Erotica


Description: Locked in a cell, George and Dwayne can’t help but hate each other. Alone with only each other for company, they’ve long since forgotten the warmth of another. When a rainy night leads them to look beyond their hatred, they ignite a flame of desire. Rugged and dangerous, will these two men discover the true measure of their same sex attraction has lasting consequences that encourage so much?


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