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Lot’s Cave has been publishing so many books, we scarcely know where to begin! Below you’ll find some of our personal favorite naughty reads! Our authors have produced some sizzling controversial reads. For those interested in some classic must haves, Lot’s Cave is always adding more quality spice to vintage favorites!

Mother Son Incest


Description: Busty soccer mom Nancy is desperate. Her horny son Adam is behaving badly, failing school, and Googling porn. Nancy’s new friend, the elegant Patrice, urges her to try Japanese Mother-Son Contact and join Patrice’s club of like-minded moms. But is there more going on than mothers using their large breasts to control their sons? Can Nancy conquer her personal scars, uncover the truth, and save them all?


Description: Mitch has always lusted after his mother. The idea of pleasuring her is too taboo to resist. When Mitch’s mother finds his collection of erotic fantasies, she intends to make them come true. The hot incestuous sex that follows is satisfying, but Mitch may unlock more than he bargained for. When his mother’s marriage ends, will Mitch find her wearing the sexiest bridal lingerie he can imagine?


Description: A broken marriage, a mutual attraction, and forbidden lust—what could possibly happen between mother and son? When June and Tom let their incestuous desire overcome societal norms, they experience endless pleasure. The taboo sex is what these two lovers have always wanted, but will it last? Is it possible for a son to heal his mother’s pain and with personal growth become the man she needs?


Description: The seething passions that lurk within many mothers are often hidden beneath veneers of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions. What can a son do to sufficiently tempt his mom? What mechanisms must a son employ to trigger his mother’s seething taboo passions sufficiently to allow him the forbidden sexual access he craves? His method, though incestuous, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.


Description: Linda had always lived the boring life of a dutiful wife—until everything fell apart. Now, she must do the unthinkable to support her family. This loving wife and mother is about to entertain men who love raunchy depraved sex, all for the cheapest price! When this naughty mother catches her son and daughter in a compromising position, will they too join in on the fun and make this a family affair?

Father Daughter Incest


Description: Mandy has always been the perfect girl for Daddy – until now! Daddy’s little princess has grown up and made some mature friends. When Daddy discovers Mandy has a tattoo his forbidden desires for his little princess can’t help but showcase themselves now! When Mandy learns her Daddy craves kinky and depraved anal sex, will she be able to surrender herself to the man she finds irresistible?


Description: Yolanda was a freckled-face tomboy in grade school, but in later years, she proved to be the proverbial ugly duckling that became a beautiful swan. The boys had joked about her freckles suddenly wanted her, but Yolanda remained indifferent to them; instead she favored her hero Alan, her father. From the enticement of her father, sprang the family threesome.


Description: This naughty daughter thinks she has the answer to her parents’ problems – incestuous sex! When Paige’s possessive father has his own taboo ideas, she quickly finds herself begging for more. Daddy may have control of her body and her mind, but will he pursue his little girl’s forbidden proposal and impregnate his fertile princess even if it means taking her innocence?

Gay & Lesbian Erotica


Description: This nine story collection features boundary pushing fathers fostering forbidden cravings for their barely legal sons. Consumed by uncontrollable lust, these handsome men will stop at nothing to satisfying their taboo needs. Pursuing their horny sons might be wrong, but will their uninhibited passions lead to something just right? Readers will find out enjoying these dirty incestuous stories!



Description: This eight story collection features erotic boundary pushing brothers seeking release to their forbidden urges! Blinded by love and consumed by lust, these brothers will do anything to satisfy their carnal desires. Their sexual need for their male siblings surpasses all limitations expected of society. Willing to forget the rules, will these brothers find the incestuous pleasure they’re seeking?


Description: Wayne Waverley, a journalist, had a car accident on his way to Singapore airport, the day he was called back to England; and taken to the nearest hospital, he had the chance to meet Elizabeth Hamilton his devoted nurse. She happened to be the true love he never had. Discovering quickly that he had no chance to make love again, he decided to fulfill her demanding sex addiction by accomplishing her own personal whims, as it was his own.

BDSM Erotica


Description: Kathy would do anything for her Master. When he invites another Dom over though, Kathy’s reservations show. Now her Master is about to let this cruel Dom take out his sadistic pleasures on her! Tied and helpless, Kathy has no choice but to accept her brutal punishment. In this erotic tale of interracial degradation, will Kathy discovers there’s more to her cries than she first realized?


Description: Lady Cathia lives in a dangerous world—one where Gods lust after mortal women. An alluring wife, she never expected to become the object of Lord Agar’s desire. Now, caught in a ruse to appease the god, Lady Cathia finds herself unable to deny him. She’s been tricked by the priestess, and left alone with a god incarnate. Just what will happen when she succumbs to the forbidden needs of an immortal?



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