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Generational Family Love Epic Series – Steven Michaels

An Epic Tale of Family Tradition & Incestuous Desire

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This July, celebrate the American tradition of independence and freedom in a whole new way! Steven Michaels’ new Family Love Epic is sure to make your 4th of July celebration a whole lot hotter! Consisting of eleven erotic and romantic stories, this series highlights brand new aspects of the American dream. Spanning generations within one family, readers will enjoy Steven Michaels’ story of Colleen and her intimate, courageous, and experimental family. Combining history with the intimate detail of naughty sex, this Family Love Epic is a must have!

Publisher Note: This series, Family Love Epic reflects historical facts. As such, this series contains various controversial themes. Lot’s Cave strongly believes stories such as these are important in their highlighting of the changes both within our culture and the personal lives of others. In this case, the controversial themes are historical fact and add literary value to the series. 

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Author Spotlight: Generational Family Love Epic

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1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?

I knew many in Colleen’s family who have passed on, and know many today. I have promised them that I would never reveal who they are. This is an astounding story of true love within a family stretching back hundreds of years in Ireland, and over a hundred and twenty-five years in America. I was amazed at how open, honest and forthrightly unabashed they were in relating their story. I believe they felt a certain relief in being able to tell about that part of their lives that had to be kept hidden. They related their saga in great detail, relishing the telling of not only the physical sexual encounters they were experiencing, but what they were feeling at the time they were sexually participating. Also of interest to me was the fact that their physical love knew neither gender nor age bounds.

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2. What other books would you compare to your own story?

In the arena of descriptive incest encounters, I don’t know of any book or series of books comparable to this series. It is truly unique in the incest genre to have a compelling, true, historically accurate, and sexually explicit generational family saga.

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3. What inspired the title of your latest book?

Colleen Kelly Murphy came to America at age nine in 1890. She came alone, but was met on the docks by her aunt and uncle. The first eleven books in this series are Colleen’s story, broken down by decades, or close to that, anyway. Colleen had nine children and twenty-two grand- and great-grand children . . . this is their story as they related it to me. How could this saga be titled anything but a Generational Family Love Epic, for that truly is what it is?

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4. Taken as a whole, what moral, social, or political questions does your story discuss?

Incest in Catholic Ireland was a common practice, even after the British Parliament specifically outlawed incest in Ireland in 1908. Colleen’s story, and the story of her family, is the story of freedom and passion in a world condemning their actions. It describes the family’s feelings toward being forced to fight for the British, whom they hated, and the family’s pain of Colleen’s brother being killed during the Boer War in South Africa. Yet they were patriotic Americans. Colleen’s cousin won America’s Medal of Honor (twice) and became a US Army General . . . his mother died of a heart attack, while, quite literally, he was inside her, giving her his love. His wife, also naked, was lying next to them on the bed. Colleen also fought for the right to vote; later, she willingly spread her legs for America’s military men as a Victory Girl during WWII . . . a social taboo. Their saga is an epic tale of a family fighting for the right to live their lives their way, regardless of religious and social taboos.

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5. Artistically or literarily, were there any challenges creating your story’s dynamics?

Writing Colleen’s story was a pure joy, but not an easy task by any means. To keep all of her family members straight, along with the ongoing time line, I not only story-boarded all of the books, but I heavily researched each era as the family passed through it. Once her story began to flow, it took on a dynamic all its own . . . it was as though the characters – real people all – knew exactly what to do in the books. This series took me a full year of six and seven days-a-week writing to complete. I typed well over a million words to arrive at the 450,000+ words you will read. It was also challenging to, as accurately as possible, recreate their incest lovemaking. Many told me explicit details of the first time they had made love to their mother, father, brother or sister – not to mention aunts, uncles and cousins. I found their story to be quite sexually arousing while I was writing it, and I hope you also become sexually aroused while reading it. I think that would have pleased Colleen greatly, were she still alive. She was definitely a woman who was sexually alive!

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6. How do you feel the cover highlights your story?

I felt that Colleen’s story, and the story of her family, deserved a better cover than most tits and ass “my father fucked me” incest book covers. Lot’s Cave did a marvelous job in presenting me options and we agreed together on the choice of the blue tint and a cover that spoke to what the major theme of each book was. I think this concept is best shown in the cover of book #2: Welcome to America. On this cover, Colleen does not look sexy or even inviting. She is tired, frightened, and timidly holding onto a bag of her belongings, yet willing to give all of her love, including her body, to her new family.

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7. Share with us an interesting fact or moment in your book.

All of Colleen’s female descendants I talked with, told me the same thing: They were spreading their legs for their siblings and sharing their love with their parents, using their hands and mouths, beginning when they were young. It was something they delighted in doing. Then, when their mothers thought them big enough they eagerly and joyfully felt their father’s slide all the way into them. This was astounding to me, yet, without exception, that is what they said they did . . . and each described the event in vivid detail. The next huge detail for me came when these women told me what it was like for them to feel their son’s slide into them for the first time. I truly hope I did those feelings justice with my detailed descriptions because each felt this was one of the most incredible moments in her life, second only to when her father slid into her the first time. This theme of the women sexually leading the way in incestuous acts permeated all of their lives, and the lives of their offspring.

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8. What is your favorite part or scene in your book?

Colleen was a woman of incredible inner strength and courage that I think is best described in the scene on the ship during her voyage to America wherein it is discovered by one of the crew that the cabin boy is actually a female. The sailor grabbed her and tried to strip and rape her, but she stood her ground against him. She was scared to death, but didn’t try to run. She was saved by the real cabin boy, whom she later married. The other side of this courage came minutes later when the crewman was being flogged. In the Captain’s cabin, she was rubbing herself while watching the cabin boy masturbate as he looked through a crack in the door, watching the sailor’s flogging. Once the sound of the whip and the screaming stopped, Colli opened herself to the boy, who took her “manhole” instead. When the Captain came in, she offered herself to him. Colleen was an unbelievably brave, both as a girl and as a grown woman.

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9. What appeals to you most about writing for this genre?

I believe religions and social mores have robbed families of their right to give of themselves to each other. I believe and hope that writing in this genre opens the minds of readers to the complexities of history, wherein sibling sex and marriage was not only common, but in some cases civilly mandated. The only incest forbidden in the Code of Hammurabi is father/daughter. The only incest not forbidden in the Old Testament is father/ daughter. Who was right and who was wrong? Is it not possible that in the course of human events that the positives of one offset the negatives of the other, thereby allowing all forms of incest? I sincerely wish the world would follow the lead of countries like France, Israel and Japan, that have basically removed most, if not all, incest taboos. Mother/son incest sex clubs seem to be thriving in Japan.

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10. Is there a place readers can leave feedback or comments such as social media sites or email?


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