Author Spotlight

The Booster Club -Tina Zandar

A New Family Incest Tale!

3D Cover - Stack (substitute)

Author Spotlight: The Booster Club

1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?
As everyone is familiar with athletic booster clubs they will enjoy a fantasy in which members assign their wives to sexually service star athletes to keep the boys from fleeing the small town. The wives become celebrities for their civic duty. There is no scandal in being see smooching with an eighteen-year-old athlete, persuading him not to leave for a big city team.

The wives, for the most part, are in their thirties and forties, sexually experienced but possibly not getting enough sex from their husbands.

2. What inspired the title of your latest book?
The fact that the plot involves a small town booster club, willing to go to any lengths to keep star athletes at home, attending the local community college after leaving high school.

3. Taken as a whole, what moral, social, or political questions does your story discuss?
The story shows the extremes sports fans will go to in order to keep athletic entertainers.

4. Artistically or literarily, were there any challenges creating your story’s dynamics?
As usual, motivation is a crucial factor. The lead character must want additional sex as well as please her husband by being willing to take a teenage lover. She also wants the admiration of the community.

5. Share with us an interesting fact or moment in your book.
The interesting moments are when the heroine begins to realize that she is falling in love with her eighteen-year-old sex partner.

6. What is your favorite part or scene in your book?
An interesting scene involves the heroine waking to discover that during the night she has twice had satisfying sex with her own son, and then persuades herself to continue the relationship.

7. What appeals to you most about writing for this genre?
Motivation. What circumstances would possibly motivate people to do the things they do in this genre?

8. Is there a place readers can leave feedback or comments such as social media sites or email?
My email is:

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