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New Releases for June 2016

But Daddy, It's Gonna Hurt - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: What happens when a young girl becomes so obsessed over her daddy that she is willing to break the taboo of father and daughter breeding? She is only all too willing to get her young pussy bred and bred again to assure a viable baby results nine months later.

Daddy Popped My Cherry - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Besides his ruggedly handsome good looks, her daddy was able to show her how to masturbate properly. At first, she thought that her body was being possessed with the non-stop mini orgasms she was experiencing.

Dwayne's Stable Slut - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Honey is a young girl of Asian descent who is no stranger to the harsh reality of earning a living. She would remember tales told by her mother about how certain horny young girls would have sex with animals to avoid getting pregnant.

Flesh and Blood - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: A tender love story between a man and his aunt. They know what they are doing is wrong, but there is much more to be revealed. Once the revelations are out, their relationship becomes even more complicated. Will their love be strong enough against the perfect storm of doom that now engulfs them? Red hot excitement on every page. An original incest story for the connoisseur of forbidden erotica.

Gay Behind Bars - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Gay Behind Bars tells two stories of young men in prison. The first story tells of two young men; one of them blond and experienced, the other dark and tender. They meet on the street, but their friendship really begins in the fight to survive the rigors of prison life together. The second story “tells it like it is” exposing the old gay stereotype for the lie it remains. This compelling novel uncovers truth in an area where facts have long been ignored.

Convent of HELL - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Headed through the mountains on their way to their honeymoon, Mike and Krista’s plans are waylaid by a torrential storm that refuses to abate. Seeing a light off the side of the road, they take a detour and find themselves at the Convent of the Sisters of St. Agnes. With car rocking in the high winds, they seek shelter within and are welcomed with open arms. But as they are soon to discover, not all is as it seems at the remote mountain convent.

Emma's Urges No.2 - Kinky Urges - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Having just stepped out of the Animal Training Barn, Emma felt higher than life. She had just completed one of the most taboo kinks she could think of and was excited to see what she could get into next. With the entirety of the Domination Farm lying ahead of her, and only three days to explore, she set out to discover the limits of her sexuality.

Lifestyle Choices - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Search of something sexy to wear to a party, Erica and Ashley stumble upon the find of the century while rummaging through Lucy’s (Erica’s mother) closet. Stepping on a concealed latch, they unlock a secret door into another closet – this one full of fetish clothing and toys. Intrigued, Ashley convinces her friend to try on some of the clothes and that’s when they are caught and taught a lesson they would never forget.

The Hotel - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: While on a trip to visit her best friend’s new home in the country, Lexi takes a wrong turn thanks to a storm and faulty GPS and finds herself at a rundown hotel in the middle of nowhere. With the weather worsening by the second, she gets a room for the night despite the manager’s creepy, leering gaze at her sheer blouse and runs across a potholed parking lot towards the shelter of room 207.

Taboo Confessions - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: After their unsociable next door neighbors left the bedroom community, in moved the Thompson’s and the two families hit it off immediately. Both families each had teen-age daughters who became inseparable friends. The Thompsons had a fabulous swimming pool and the social gatherings with the Lees progressed from bathing attire, to skinny dipping and on to sexual intimacy.

Decisions No.1 - A Mother's Decision - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Marcy, a nearly thirty-eight year old blue-eyed, blond MILF has a son, David, who has a problem. His high school girlfriend, Suzie, is reluctant to have sex with him. David is agonizing over the situation. His mother becomes obsessed with the problem. She can’t sleep and her work is suffering from neglect. What to do? She finds a simple, but unusual solution by violating one of the oldest taboos.

Decisions No.2 - A Teacher's Decision - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Helen, a twenty-two year old green-eyed, redhead, has fallen for her student, David. He’s already having an affair with his mom, Marcie, but wants Helen too. Trouble is she’s his teacher so the consequences of an affair are grave for her—up to twenty years in prison—so she’s reluctant. David is agonizing over the situation, but mom’s willing to take care of him while Helen decides what to do.

Immoral Authority - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Three stories that explore the sexual consequences that result from a breakdown of parental authority between mother and son. In ‘Doggy Style”, Only by submitting to a master’s dominance can they realize their true secret desires. In ‘Mom Caught Me’, she discovers that losing control is the only way to shed her sexual inhibitions. In ‘Boy Dominates Sexy Mom’, an inexperienced teen takes advantage of a shifting balance of power within the family.

Family Secrets 02 - Beautifully Bare - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: When Britney decides to take advantage of a stranger’s affections, things turn kinky fast. What Britney wasn’t prepared for though was the perfect stranger turning out to be her estranged father! Now, Britney and her father must face the predicament they find themselves fighting. Hot and lusting for each other’s touch again, will Britney and her father commit to embracing the ultimate taboo?

Daddy Makes It Better - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Jillian turns to the man she has always looked up to after her brother and his friends made her participate in a gangbang that she enjoyed far more than she should have. As she confesses everything to Daddy while on his lap, she’s surprised when her retelling gets a rise out of Daddy. He loves his princess more than he should, and he’s going to give her a seductive idea of just how much–a long, hard, and unprotected demonstration of his love for his eighteen-year-old daughter, even if she’s reluctant at first to accept Daddy’s incestuous pounding.

Owned by Daddy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Cathy is desperate to get Daddy’s attention. She loves her virile father with every fiber of her being, and she wants to show him just how much and in how many ways she can be Daddy’s girl. Owen tries to resist her, but he wants his sweet baby girl, and since she’s teasing him, his control can’t last. When he catches the nineteen-year-old on a date, he snaps and has to stake his claim on his sweet daughter. Poor innocent Cathy is about to get owned by Daddy, and she’s going to love every long, thick, and hard inch as he leaves his mark and claims her unprotected body.

Seductive Princesses Trilogy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Lita Gyle brings you three tales of seductive princesses. These young girls want their big daddies in an extra BIG way, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get daddy’s attention. They’ll offer up their sweet, fertile bodies for daddy’s pleasure and the chance to be daddy’s special girl. This trilogy young girls bred by daddy includes, Owned By Daddy, Bred In Daddy’s Bed, and the explicitly hot Stand-In For Daddy.

Daddy's Hot Maid No.1 - Getting His Attention - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: I’ve seen Daddy with Mommy and our maids, and he doesn’t treat them nice—it’s hot. He is a man in charge, and that’s sexy, so maybe it’s time I tried putting on a uniform and showing him that I can be a naughty girl too.

Punished by Daddy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Daddy is hot and his girlfriend isn’t around. He’s been amusing himself with porn, but as his bad little girl I can think of more interesting ways to pass the time. Of course, if I’m really naughty, then he’ll have to punish me—just like I saw him do Mommy.

The Initiation - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Her hot brother is home from the war. He’s gotten dark and very seductive. When he decides to join a motorcycle club, Jenny finds herself part of the initiation.

Meet The Parents - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: A young man finally meets his girlfriends family. But over dinner he finds it to not be such a simple night. It goes from a easy dinner to a night of lustful sex that will make him wanting more.

Business As Unusual - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Monica’s always been a daddy’s girl, and she has the perfect idea for daddy’s failing company. Offering hot passionate nights for their horny clients, daddy and daughter soon experiment together! Daddy’s girl turns out to be quite insatiable and a steady stream of kinky clients is just what she needs to fill her nights with incestuous sex, interracial breeding, and even lesbian experimentation!

My Sister's Date - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Dinah has always been a bit innocent, so she can hardly believe receiving an invitation for a nude ball. Soon though her brother reveals a secret—she’s going to strip down as the night’s entertainment! Unaware of how to display herself, Dinah gives her brother a show. A lesson in stripping is just what the two of them need to cross the boundary and indulge in some much needed incestuous pleasure!

The Secret Life of Wanda - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Wanda and Jim never laid eyes on each other before being forced to marry one another. Now, stuck in an arranged marriage Jim plans on learning all of Wanda’s kinky and forbidden secrets. Wanda always was a bit promiscuous for her own good, but now she’s about to disclose all. What will Jim do when he discovers Wanda’s kinky past experimenting with group sex, exhibitionism, and even public sex?

My Very Own Angels - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Married at a tender age in rural India Urmi is childless and worried. She visits her widowed grieving father and both end up having sex ‘accidentally’. Urmi and her dad find love and can not stop. Urmi is pregnant with her son soon. When her son Sanju enters teen and is a veritable giant history repeats itself.

Family Love 03 - Colleen - The Marriage - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Colleen “Colli” Kelly, the Irish Lass who often felt the intense and illegal pleasure of her mother, father, brother, and her American aunt, uncle and cousin between her legs is now getting married to Hugh Murphy. Both Colli and Hugh are eager to maintain the centuries old Irish tradition of the groom spending the night before his wedding in the sexual bliss of his mother, while the bride spends the same night with her father between her legs.

The Booster Club - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: To retain star athletes in remote Mason City, the all-male Booster Club assigns their wives to service the best players. Sexually starved Amy is happy to become the lover of handsome, awesomely hung Raymond, a basketball player. Amy’s civic duty evolves into love. Additionally, a mix-up of hotel keys results in Amy also taking her son as a lover. With Amy often absent, her daughter replaces her in the marriage bed.

Bound, Shared and Taken Hard On Her 18th - Birthday Gangbang Trilogy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Camille gets together with her friends to celebrate her 18th birthday—but things take an unexpected turn when a game of truth or dare has her handcuffed and helpless—and her friends, along with her “brother” take full advantage, and soon Camille is nude and bound, turned into their sexual plaything…


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