Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases – May 2016

Summer is finally here, and Lot’s Cave has a few hot titles you won’t be able to put down! Check out our new releases!

P.I. Kimberley Logan - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: This is a futuristic story where young beautiful Private Investigator Kimberley Logan takes on a case that could threaten interplanetary peace. The stolen or lost formula [that belongs to planet Futanriana] is supposed to be on earth. This case involves females with male genitalia and makes Logan look at her own sexuality. Entertaining tale for most. Adult reading meant for mature readers.

Complete 4 Volumes - Therapy - Full Account - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: This is full account of Howards. The story of brave Jennifer who makes a hard choice to satisfy her deep yearning that could destroy the family. Jennifer Howard is top flying young corporate executive following her successful mother’s footsteps. Her endless attempts to seek ordinary pleasure from sexual alliances eludes her. She does remember a day in her teens that led to unbridled explosive expression of satisfaction that she craves to experience once again.

A Piece of Grandmama's - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Grandmama was in her fifties and still full of vim and vigor. She kept her house neat as a pin. Now I suppose Grandmama Josie was the prototypical grandmother you would picture when you thought of a grandmother. She was around five foot four or five and I guessed she would tip the scales at around one thirty or forty. Like I said, she seemed to spend most of her time in the kitchen baking or cooking and had put on a few extra pounds.

Learning the Hard Way - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Baron LeSade’s latest release features four hot and taboo short stories! These forbidden tales of incestuous romance feature barely legal father daughter pairings, naughty mothers and their seductive sons, and a kinky Uncle and Aunt who can’t help but seduce their tempting niece into a family threesome. These tales are so hot they’re only available at Lot’s Cave!

Young sexy blond woman in sexy red lingerie lying on the bed

Description: He was enjoying his day off and browsing through porn. What he thought was just another stripper turned out to be much more when he stumbles across his daughter on the porn site. Emotions runs high as he tries to figure out what to do about the videos, meanwhile his daughter continues to upload more. Will his wife find out about his new favorite stripper? More importantly, will his daughter?


Daddy's Baby Fever - Cover (300 DPI)

Description: Alexis loves Dad. He’s always on her side and stepping in to rescue her from her highly critical mother. When Dad mentions wanting a baby in the house, Alexis volunteers to give him one as soon as she gets a boyfriend. But Dad doesn’t want to wait. He also doesn’t want another man’s baby. He wants his baby and Alexis agreed to have it. She just needs some convincing.

Brothers in Arms - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Six stories, twelve brothers, every situation unique. But whether driven by love or lust, each pair cannot ignore their illicit desires.

The Twin's Bond - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Since his mother got married with a noble, Brandon has gained two half-brothers. The caring Thomas, and the rough Colin. This story includes: A young man having his first time with his half-brother; twins having rough sex while a boy is spying; a young man teaching his younger half-brother how to masturbate; threesomes involving bondage, knife play, spanking, dirty talk and snowballing; and three brothers loving each other despite social boundaries.

The Spells of Danica 3 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: The beautiful and benevolent witch Danica just can’t help herself; she loves to help others with her spells, potions, magic and even her specially blended aphrodisiac.  She also loves sex, something her life has been lacking since the passing of her husband. She wants to rekindle a romance with her friend Emily who is also a witch and invites her husband Robert to join in the fun.

Nymphette Daughter - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Rosalinda is smart, friendly, and popular and has the physical charms that would rival those of the Goddess of Love. Her personality lights up a room and everybody wants to be her best friend. She’s a flirt in high school and many of her fellow students want much more that simple friendship and with her overactive libido, she is more than willing to accommodate those fortunate enough to be selected.

The Taming of Jenesa - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Even before they were married Bobby and Keri were aggressive predators. With a fondness for virgins, they forced themselves on those they wanted. Now someone is stalking them, penetrating into their highly protected sanctuaries and giving them a graphic taste of what it’s like to be the vulnerable rape victim, what it’s like to have hard core deviants hunting you, tracking you to satisfy their darkest, wickedest and most unspeakable desires!

Beyond The Pale - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Not everyone can break the rules. Only the ones brave enough, who will do whatever it takes to be with the one they desire. A collection of four stories about the rule breakers, and the lovers. Art and love, first love, mutual understanding, and secret passion all come together in this compelling new collection. Includes a never published short story from the exciting new author, Jessamine Lane.

Daddy Spread My Legs And Fucked Me - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Daddy told me to stop wearing skimpy panties around the house. He said only whores walked about showing their camel toes and butt cracks. I didn’t listen to daddy; in fact, I laughed at him. Oh boy! Daddy didn’t appreciate it and showed me what happens when barely legal virgins don’t listen. I tried to tell him to stop, but my mouth was full!

With My Stepfather in His Office - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: I didn’t know my daddy wanted me as much as I wanted him until I happened upon a video of him and a girl pretending to be me. Once I knew I could have him I was determined to do whatever it took to please him.

Step Daddy Plays Rough 4 - Alexis - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: A girl learns a lesson in how to behave when her father takes a detour into the woods.

Daddy Daughter Day 1 - Daisy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: I’d teased my Daddy far too long. When he decided to take me with him to the fishing cabin it was my chance to finally have him all to myself. But it was also his chance to teach his dirty girl a lesson she’d never forget. This story includes rough sex, forced submission, and first time anal with Daddy.

Rough Sex with My Uncle Scott - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: I didn’t much care for my stepfather, but his brother was a different story. I was Uncle Scott’s only niece and he’d always spoiled me rotten. There was no reason to think he wouldn’t help me out with a down payment on my new car. What I’d never known until then is that my uncle could be a “master” at manipulation. He had plans to make his little princess earn her reward and he wasn’t giving me much choice but to submit to his demands. 

Kingdom of Pain 02 - Honor Bound - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Journey back to the Northern Kingdom, where political intrigue is almost as prevalent as beautiful, submissive sex slaves waiting to service their masters.  Rejoin Bruno the black Templar as he fights Aven the faerie even as he beds her human alter ego Allison the barmaid. Meet the new characters, such as Fennick and Seamus, who love two things: Hunting dragons, and tying, gagging, and ravishing beautiful wenches. They are joined by Stella the comely wizard, whose spells have a nasty side effect of leaving her naked, bound, gagged, and helpless. Action meets “Action” in the latest installment of the series critics call “Game of Thrones with BDSM.”

MOM Naughty Tales Collection - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: The Complete Collection contains all nine of Lily Weidner’s hot incestuous stories featuring naughty mothers and their seductive sons! With their hidden secrets coming to light, these mothers and sons can’t help but satisfying their forbidden needs for family sex and impregnation. Will these mothers get more than they bargained for or will they find their sons want a new kind of family fun?

Family Secrets 06 - Forgotten Flavor - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Fiona has always kept her overwhelming desire for Daddy a secret. After her boyfriend has an agenda of his own, will Fiona find herself trying to seduce her father for love itself? Torn between her need for the sexually taboo, and the reservations regarding forbidden sex, could Fiona overcome the difficulties involved and give in at last to the incestuous temptations facing confession?

Seducing My Kinky Stepdad. - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: My stepdad has a dark secret. He likes BDSM dungeon porn, and mom either doesn’t know, or willfully ignores this interest of his. But I’m very curious, and I have an interest in it myself. Could I possibly fill that void for him that my mother wasn’t able to fill? And could my stepdad fill mine, so to speak?

Alice In Eroticland - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Ten years after her initial visit to Wonderland, Alice returns on her Twenty-first birthday. Only it’s no longer Wonderland or Crazyland as you Alice thought of Wonderland. Now, it was Eroticland and the prurient Ruby, the Queen of Diamonds is now in charge. Follow Alice as she winds her way through the sexual experience of a lifetime.

Bananaz - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Joel is a lucky man. One afternoon after an exhausting day of work, he decides to take a nap on the couch. But his rest is interrupted by giggling and frivolity emanating from the kitchen. More curious than tired, he steals to the kitchen and peeking around the corner, spies his gorgeous girlfriend, Teri and three equally beautiful ladies, all in skimpy bikinis. And guess what they were doing?

Carnal Dreams - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: As if by magic, CJ and Wilson begin dreaming about each other. Are these dreams like some weird paranormal dating service offering up their perfect lover and ideal mate for them to claim? Or are they a figment of their imagination, too perfect in every way to be real? Then remarkably, Mr. & Ms. ‘Perfection’ are teamed together on a special project. Were their dreams a portal into the future?

The Good Mom - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Inspired by the TV show, The Good Wife, this fictional account tells the story of Vanessa Hunter, recently separated from her husband, a state’s attorney whose scandal dealing with prostitutes has torn the family apart. After nearly a year apart, Vanessa is hungry for sexual gratification, and finds the perfect lover to satisfy those wanton needs–her well-hung son.

Busty Amazon Hitchhiker - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: The odds of finding a hitchhiker with a great face, boobs and body, are not good. The odds of a hitchhiker like this who will f*ck your brains out are even worse. This meek young man has only picked up exactly one hot hitchhiker in his entire life – a voluptuous Amazon with an incredible body, starting with a huge set of tits that has his mouth watering from the first moment he spots her by the side of the road. She bangs the hell out of her stud-driver, feeding him her pointy nipples, vigorously tit-f*cking him and then plays his cock like a harmonica. When she’s f*cking, she bounces her massive, natural boobs like crazy and takes a hard drilling in the tough pile-driver position.

My First Time With Daddy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Candy is now a woman. Being a real, flesh and blood woman, she has womanly needs that only the man of the house, her father, can fill. Daddy knows what she wants and knows it’s wrong, but it’s so hard to say no to his angel. This shocking story about a father and his loving princess will break all taboos about a young woman’s first time.

My Talk With Daddy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: A young girl desires her daddy. There’s nothing more that she wants than to feel daddy insider her; making a real woman out of her. An unexpected twist soon finds Karen facing daddy’s anger and a lot more as daddy decides it’s time to give his little princess of piece of his…mind. This shocking tale of taboo love between an ex military father and his young, barely legal teen daughter will raise the temperature.

Never Saying No To Daddy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Nothing is quite so magical or heartwarming as a father teaching his daughter how to drive a car. That is, unless he’s teaching her how to be a woman. This hot tale breaks all taboos as the young, innocent daughter must decided whether to drive the car or her daddy. This shocking tale has a happy ending where daddy’s princess learns to take it hard.

Daddy's Home - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: This is a story based on intense incestuous love between two Indian fathers and their daughters. Neelu and Manavi are cousins and their fathers brothers. Neelu and Manu have loved their fathers since childhood. they after their mothers pass away tragically have sworn to fill that vacuum in their fathers’ lives with their love in all shapes and forms. They desire to replace their deceased mothers is too strong to be ignored. They have support and help from Ganga, the Major Domo, and his daughter, Janaki. They need help from elders and seek the acceptance of their grandparents.

A Girls Guide to Sex with Dogs - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Sexual intercourse with animals, has for a long time been a forbidden subject, considered ‘sick’, unethical and ‘kinky’ to name only a few classifications. With this text I would like to illuminate one of the kinds within animal sex, namely Canine sex, Dog sex as you would call it. The reason why I write this is to share my knowledge of this kind with other women, who have a similar interest, or who have considered having sex with dogs, but not dared to, or who have not known how to go about or who have not known it existed.

Family Love 02 - Colleen - Welcome to America - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Colleen “Colli” Kelly, an Irish Lass who often felt the intense and illegal pleasure of her mother, father and brother between her legs is now in America. She shares the same love with her Aunt Mary, her Uncle Sean, the police captain, and her Cousin Seth, who saved her from being gang-raped. Also meet Sister Brenda, the sex-starved nun who spread her legs for Colli. Grow with Colli; experience her passion; her love; her family sharing its love. Will this taboo passion lead to her embracing even more intense sex in the hope of attaining that special family bond?


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