Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases for March 2016

This month Lot’s Cave has plenty of hot releases! Be sure to check out our latest boundary pushing titles!

Daddy's Little Valentines - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: In the latest tale by Angel Scott, celebrating Valentine’s Day could never be more taboo! Kallie and Kayla are two adventurous sisters whose love for each other knows no limits! After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Kallie needs all the attention her kinky family can provide. For her there’s no reason to spend Valentine’s Day alone—at least not when she could be seducing her handsome father!

GatorTail Trailer Park 09 - Knight Ride - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Dazey is the young sexy blue eyed blonde every guy dreams of — including her brothers! Lucky for them, Dazey’s desire for taboo brother sister sex never seems fully satisfied. When Dazey’s mother catches her satisfying her brother however, a night of family sex ensues. Julia never envisioned attaining satisfaction at the hands of her daughter and sons, but how can she say no to her horny family?

Cougarville - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: In a town filled with trophy wives, Jackie’s the hottest MILF of all! When she decides it’s time to seduce a pair of twins, the young men can’t help satisfying this horny older woman. When Jackie finds these young men can keep her satisfied all night long, she brings more friends along to join in the fun! With so many possibilities behind every door, what exactly is about to happen in Cougarville?

Daddy’s Dirty Daughter 3 - Seducing Sister - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Things are really heating up for Daughter. A new relationship with The Captain Of The Basketball Team, anal fun with Brother; how could things get more exciting? Throw in Sister, who is still a virgin and thinks she’s a lesbian and the door is wide open for lots of naughty sexual experimenting and exploring that you’ve cum to love and expect from everyone’s favorite Dirty Daughter.

Ten Story Bundle - Daddy Daughter Pussy Pounding Impregnation - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Finally it’s available! The most EXTREME stories dealing with out of control TEENAGE virgins getting hammered hard by their biological fathers. From teenage age cheerleaders to college freshmen, these VIRGINS face SAVAGE pounding of their soft, tight womanhood. This collection (43,610 words, approximately 104 pages) is for mature readers and is XXX rated!

Daddy Gets Me Wet - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Princess was the apple of her father’s eye. She could no wrong. Until the day she pissed him off. This story of how far a BIOLOGICAL father will go to make sure his daughter gets what’s coming to her is shocking and hot.

Family Secrets 01 - Abandoned Adolescense - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Alyssa’s always been different. Preferring her Daddy’s attention to that of boys her age, she poses the perfect forbidden temptation for Daddy’s incestuous desires. When this Daddy’s girl wants to show she loves Daddy in her own special way, Alyssa soon ends up impregnated by her father! Can this naughty young woman satisfy her need for father daughter sex, and still explore her loss of innocence?

Jon's Dominant Mom - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Jon’s voluptuous and adventurous mother has always been rather kinky. When this horny mother pays her son a visit, Jon soon discovers this sexy older woman is also determined to get her way! Jon’s mother plans on being satisfied by her son – even if it means engaging in all things taboo! Will Jon discover he enjoys his dominate mother’s forbidden desires over and over again?

Holiday Bonding - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Jessy’s family has kinky way of bonding during the holidays, and they want to include Jessy! When she spends family night playing a new kind of strip poker, Jessy quickly discovers the taboo boundaries her mother and brother are willing to cross. Watching her family’s incestuous passions, Jessy can’t help but wonder if Daddy might be willing to teach her the bliss of their special holiday bonding.

Mother's Surprise Party - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Tammy knows she needs a sexual release, but she never expected to be impregnated by her own son! When Tammy’s best friend suggests a night of kinky sex to fulfill one of Tammy’s secret fantasies, she can’t help but yield to her taboo desires. In this latest erotic short from Surely Wilder, will this mother find her forbidden fantasy become a reality?


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