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New Releases January 2016

Is there a better way to start the year off 2016 than with new releases? Lot’s Cave doesn’t think so! To start the year off right, we’re proud to highlight over thirty new titles! Why not find something exciting?

Purple Zipper Horizontal

Wrong Potion Trilogy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: All John and Mike wanted was a love potion and to get laid over the weekend. When John didn’t ask the right questions and picked up the wrong potion though, their entire weekend is changed. The potion turns them both into lose and wild women, ready to get down with each other and nearly anybody they come across. The complete Wrong Potion Trilogy. Three sexy short erotic stories rolled into one package.

Runaway Troubles - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Springtime in a rural area, it is time to plant a garden but a pesky rooster on the loose is pecking at newly planted seeds. A shy young girl in cut-off jeans chases the chicken down and discovers a light that brightens her dismal life. Nothing is free in this world, what price will she and her sister pay to find a life. What will it cost the one who helps?

Degraded - In The Bar - Degraded No1 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Tessa, a single-mom – what some might call the perfect MILF – is lonely, confused and depressed since being dumped by her one-time lover and has taken to hanging out in bars and looking for love in all the wrong places. When a stranger approaches her she’s delighted to discover that he’s a friend . . . or is he?

Degraded - In The Bath - Degraded No2 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: After getting degraded in the bar it seems like I just can’t get enough. Maybe I’m just that kind of woman? I look up from the Tequila Sunrise that I’ve been nursing for the last half hour and smile when I see you enter the bar. I remember the night before, but not much else, although the tequila in the Sunrise is beginning to sober me up, or so it seems (Degraded: In The Bath also includes the bonus book Lin Fong: An Erotic Short Story!).

Degraded - In The Car - Degraded No3 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Degraded: In The Car is the third book in the Degraded series.

Daddy's Dirty Secret - Amanda - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: When Daddy can’t help but spoil his little girl, she’s more than grateful—she’s determined to spoil him back! Realizing Daddy has a taste for the taboo, this naughty daughter is intent on fulfilling his one request. Seduced and unable to keep their hands off each other, this adventurous father daughter soon find themselves fulfilling each other’s deepest fantasies and nothing is off limits!

My Angry Brother - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Amy had always been warned not to seduce her brother’s friends. Horny and unable to help herself, Amy soon discovers her brother knows every kinky secret she’s been hiding from him. Caught with an unquenchable desire for taboo sex, Amy soon finds herself getting more than she bargained for. Her brother isn’t too happy, but lucky for Amy she knows just how to please him.

sexy woman in seductive black lingerie sitting on a couch in stockings

Description: I was a young, rich, high society girl. Men treated me like a fragile princess. They didn’t know that was the last thing I wanted. I was looking to be taken hard and rough, so I did what any poor little rich girl would do. I hired two men who were more than capable of getting the job done.

Daddy's Taboo Tales - Complete Collection - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: This nine story collection features naughty but innocent young daughters intent on testing their new found sexuality by seducing their fathers in a night of incestuous exploration accidently bringing out their hidden kinks and secret desires. With their forbidden passion leading to first times, public sex, dirty talk, and even a spanking, will these daughters awaken the love Daddy’s always wanted?

Daughter's Fantasy - Secret Bites & Taboo Kisses 3 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Unaware of her family’s incestuous traditions, Amber’s about to discover the taboo secrets her family’s been keeping hidden for years. Determined to find her own place within her sexually adventurous family, Amber soon loses her innocence with her father. Forced into the submissive tendencies awaiting her, will Amber find there’s more to family love and discipline than ever expected?

Bored Housewife - Compete Series - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: This four steamy four story collection features Lola Ryder’s Bored Housewife series! Young and horny, Alice can’t say no to the opportunities for adventurous sex. With an unsuspecting husband at home, this naughty housewife finds herself taken by older men outdoors, at the local gym, on a luxury yacht, and even at home! There’s no telling what kinky things this naughty housewife will do next!

The Joy of Cream - A Hucow Collection - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: This four story collection features Lola Ryder’s hucow stories! Learning the meaning of being a large breasted and lactating female, these four women all unlock the creamy pleasures of their kinky partners. Whether being deflowered by their boss, pleasuring guests on the farm, or being taught the meaning of rough discipline by a whole group, these four women are sure to leave readers satisfied!

What She Wants - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Daniel has always lived life to the fullest, but he’s about to get a new perspective on rough kinky sex! When Daniel decides to try his hand at the mysterious Game of Change, he gets more than he bargained for. Finding himself transformed into a hot young woman, he’s about to lose his virginity in a whole new way. Will Daniel find there’s more to this gender transformation than he ever imagined?

Son's Delight - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Ever wonder how a sadistic voyeur begins his life of exploration and forbidden passions? In Surely Wilder’s latest tale, readers will discover the dark past of one son’s incestuous desires for his mother. Negotiating what will become their life of passion fueled mother son sex, a life for a life is the deal. With their hidden lusts driving their kinky experimentation, will this hot older woman find herself taken in unimaginable ways by her young son?

Twin Studies - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Twins do everything together, and having sex is no exception! When this brother sister pair is forced into taking a human sexuality class they find they’re instore for more lessons than they ever imagined. Working to seduce her handsome brother, this naughty adventurous twin sister can’t help unlocking the lesson of a lifetime! When her brother finally consents, what incestuous romance awaits?

Drunk Wife, Shared Wife - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: I told Julie to take it easy. I knew she was drinking too much, and she couldn’t hold her alcohol well. Once it happened though, I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. I can’t believe some of the things the guys did to her, but was even more shocked at some of the wives.

Surprising Brenda - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Steve and Brenda are a married couple with a healthy sex life. Like any couple, they enjoy their bedroom fantasies, one of which involves bringing another man into the mix. Brenda could never imagine doing it for real, but Steve has other ideas… Steve’s best friend Jack is the perfect candidate to join them. Steve has it all planned out so that Brenda won’t even know Jack is there until he is ready. But all of Steve’s careful planning couldn’t have prepared him for the surprise in Jack’s pants. Will Brenda know it’s not Steve before the blindfold comes off? And is it true what they say about size not making a difference?




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