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The Spells of Danica 2 – Houston Cei

A New Incestuous  Paranormal Romance By Houston Cei

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Author Spotlight Interview

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1. What do you feel will most likely capture your reader’s attention regarding your book?

It is a story about a beautiful, benevolent witch who helps people with emotional and sexual problems. She exists in two forms: sometimes she is an elderly lady with silver hair and grey eyes; she can transform herself into a lovely, young woman with long raven hair and brown eyes. She can make this transformation at will and always does it in the presence of those who come to her for help. By witnessing a “miracle” right before their eyes, her subjects become confident that they can overcome their problems.

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2. What other books would you compare to your own story?

My goal was to be original and not draw from any other books and I do not know if my ideas have been used in other stories. As I have said before my inspiration for writing has been Ayn Rand, Edgar Alan Poe, and also Theodore Dreiser.

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3. What inspired the title of your latest book?

Danica is a beautiful and poetic name; she is a witch and she does what witches do: cast spells, thus The Spells of Danica Two which is a sequel to the first story.

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4. Taken as a whole, what moral, social, or political questions does your story discuss?

In the chapter “A Spell for Shame” a young soldier with an outstanding military record is unjustly penalized for something over which he had no control and as the story develops it suggests “question authority.”

In chapter two “A Spell for Depression” a young woman has a sexual relationship with her father that stemmed from her mother’s loss of interest in sex, and the mother, in turn, accepted the situation. The questions raised are: Can a woman really accept her husband’s having a sex with his own daughter? Is this an emotionally healthy? Should the father have found another way to satisfy his libido?

In chapter three “Danica Meets Emily” she gets involved sexually with a married woman, also a witch, and obviously the issue of fidelity is raised.

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5. Artistically or literarily, were there any challenges creating your story’s dynamics?

Yes, research is always a challenge. What makes a love potion? For example, I found that cinnamon is considered an aphrodisiac by those who believe in witchcraft; also, I read some about Wicca so as to make my Goddess of the Moon ritual seem believable.

Characterization is a challenge but I love it. I feel like they are real persons and I feel their joys and their sadness and hope I was able to convey these emotions to the readers.

My stories of witches are the “probable, improbable” which means that my fictional witches do the things witches are expected to do: cast spells and perform a certain degree of magic.

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6. How do you feel the cover highlights your story?

Moira from Lot’s Cave did a fabulous job on this one. The cover shot of Danica reveals her as beautiful and she is in witch’s attire along with her pet cobra.

The cover inspired me to include a chapter with her sexually involved.

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7. Share with us an interesting fact or moment in your book.

Danica and Emily can read a person’s thoughts and can even probe someone’s mind to find subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Danica uses this power to help people overcome their emotional problems that caused them to seek her help.

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8. What is your favorite part or scene in your book?

My favorite scene is Danica’s inducing of a dream on one Jane in chapter two, but since I like for readers to be intrigued I do not want to reveal that dream here. Proofreading it made me cry.

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9. What appeals to you most about writing for this genre?

Incest is the taboo of all taboos, and as I have said before, it is like taking erotica to its highest level. No matter how sexually graphic a literary scene can be described, incest seems to make it more erotic.

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10. Is there a place readers can leave feedback or comments such as social media sites or email?

My page on Facebook is entitled “Erotica eBooks” and I also have a site on WordPress that can be reached through the blog on the Lot’s Cave site.
Reviews and comments are quite welcome.

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