Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases December 2015

As the year starts getting closer and closer to the end, Lot’s Cave is excited to announce a couple new authors! Have a particular author in mind already? Don’t worry. Lot’s Cave has plenty of eBooks to choose from!

Purple Zipper Horizontal

Morgana's Christmas - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: When Morgana and her son explore their taboo desires, Aunt Elaine can’t help but become suspicious. With a little detective work on her own, Elaine finds herself willing to cross some shocking boundaries of her own. Craving the satisfaction of indulging in her forbidden fantasies, will her nephew agree to fulfilling the incestuous urges of this sexy older woman?

Her Father's Mistress - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Once Belle is back, Michael decides that he’s waited long enough for a taste. The only question then becomes, can Daddy keep her satisfied? This story is intended for adults and contains taboo themes.

Obsessive Compulsive - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Dermot isn’t sure which will get to him first, the guilt or the compelling need to make her his but either way, she has her Daddy wrapped around her finger. Once he crosses the line, there’s no way back and Dermot doesn’t care what the consequences are as long as she belongs to him. This story is intended for adults and contains taboo romance themes as well as first times.

The Spells of Danica 2 - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: The sexy older woman Danica is back in ‘Danica 2’ and this horny witch is casting more love spells! Using her magical powers to transform into a barely legal girl, just how will Danica help those older men looking for her healing touch? Will a chance encounter with an old female friend spark the sensual bisexual romance Danica has been hoping for? In this latest erotic tale, what forbidden and taboo acts will Danica’s aphrodisiac unlock this time?

Mother's Passion - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Brought up as a sexual submissive, Colette’s incestuous lifestyle soon catches her son’s curiosity. With his hot mother begging him for release, Joshua isn’t about to let his pent up needs go unsatisfied. Discovering his paranormal mother’s passions are far kinkier than he realized, will Joshua become the dominant son his mother’s always craved?

Daddy's Princess - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Susan loves climbing into Daddy’s bed in the middle of the night. Always been thought of as Daddy’s princess, Susan has a shocking secret—she’s turned on by the idea of father daughter sex! When confronted about her seductive and unusual behavior, Daddy can’t say no to his little princess. Will Susan open the door to what has always been Daddy’s secret fantasy and spark their incestuous romance?

Daddy's Confession - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: When daddy catches his sexy virgin daughter masturbating, he can’t believe she’s unable to resist touching herself. Would you expect him to hide in the shadows and watch her? When she easily brings herself to orgasm right out in the open, she can’t help but moan, and daddy realizes she’s done it again. Far from chastising her, he joins her, and together they act out their secret desires as this daughter seduces her father.

Mom's Special Christmas Present - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Tanya always knew her son raided her underwear drawer, but she never understood exactly why. After receiving an intimate holiday gift, Tanya soon suspects her son’s fascination with her large breasts will lead to trouble. If this busty mom’s suspicions are correct, she’ll be in for the surprise of a lifetime. Will her barely legal son give her the special incestuous gift she’s always longed for?

Educating Mom - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Unable to get the image of his hot mother’s big breasts out of his mind, this young man has tried everything—except educating his shy mother! Determined to experience the taboo sex he craves, this horny coed is about to make his mother son fantasy a reality. After years of pent up want and lust, just what kinky sex acts will this son be teaching his nervous mother?

I is for Insatiable - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: All Daddy’s little girl wanted for Christmas was to lose her virginity. When Daddy makes her naughty taboo wish come true, he unlocks a gift that keeps giving. With their forbidden incestuous sex enticing the whole family, will Daddy’s coed find herself getting more than she bargained for? Unable to say no to Daddy’s every desire, will this barely legal girl find herself used and impregnated?


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