Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases November 2015

November is a busy month for Lot’s Cave! Our authors have been working hard all October to bring you their latest titles. We’re proud to announce that this month, Lot’s Cave has thirty new titles!

Mamma's Boy, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Angel Scott

Description: Kyle’s mother is prone to an adventurous sex life, one that includes kinky toys, hot porn movies, and promiscuous sex! Kept in the dark about his mother’s romantic exploits, Kyle’s in for quite the birthday surprise! With a sexy older woman like his mother, Kyle’s present is sure to be taboo. In this erotic tale of mother son incest, will Kyle discover he’s always been the perfect Mamma’s boy?

The Female Statue, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Cherry Chase

Description: Jill always had a way with men—that is, until she meets Marc Fuller. Rich and handsome, and with one hell of a package to boot, he quickly seduces her in his office, with promises for more. And he pays through on the promises as he has her bound in the corner of his office like a statue, ready to be used whenever he, and his friends, so desired.

A Chain of Mothers, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Esmeralda Greene

Description: Twelve all-new, sizzling-hot erotic tales of incest fill out this volume from Esmeralda Greene. Every one of the stories in this volume appears only in this collection, and will never be available individually. In this book you’ll find joyous, upbeat, wildly imaginative, and deliciously naughty mother-&-son incest-themed tales, brought to vivid life by a true mistress of erotic literature!

Brotherly Love, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by J,M. Christopher

Description: After a night of dirty public sex, Ryan has a problem—he screwed his own stepsister! Discovering his night of passionately heated sex with the sexually adventurous blonde is taboo, Ryan has a choice to make. Should he yield to society’s strict moral standards or can Ryan defy all odds choosing instead to continue their lovemaking sessions and maybe even chance falling in love?

Just Vining Around, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Talia Trace

Description: Bridget has always felt more than at home in the woods. Missing her family among the living vines and towering trees, Bridget discovers camping alone in the woods a thrilling experience. When the woods start coming alive however, Bridget finds herself the center of attention. Bound, bred, and trapped in this erotic science fiction tale, just what will happen in the depths of the forbidden woods?

Dark Voodoo, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Baron LeSade

Description: Simone Snowcroft has made herself a powerful enemy—Pemba, the Voodoo Queen of Porterville. What Simone could never expect is Pemba has a different and erotic way to achieve her revenge. With Voodoo potions and spells at her disposal, what ensues is a world of incestuous sex. Under the Voodoo Queen’s spell, what kinky family members will Simone invite into her bed?

Mommy's Little Pawn, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Chanel Ashby

Description: Vivienne’s cheating husband has a taste for younger women—and Vivienne’s had enough! Intent on punishing her disobedient sexually wandering husband, Vivienne’s secret desires form a depraved plan. After Vivienne’s daughter needs a good spanking, Vivienne’s plan takes a turn for the taboo! Just what will happen in Vivienne’s world of lesbian domination, family threesomes, and harsh BDSM punishment?

Co-ed Striptease, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by J.M. Christopher

Description: Needing money, co-ed Stacy checks the message boards. She finds a job posting for a nude model for an art class. She’s never done anything like this before and the thought of being naked for an audience both excites and scares her. When she goes for the interview, she discovers that she must do a little private modelling for the professor first.

Tentacles at the Zoo, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Talia Trace

Description: Tracy has been assigned what seemed like a simple job: report on the zoo’s new occupant. All geared up with her notebook and camera and savvy journalist skills, Tracy heads on over to the attraction, unaware of what’s in store. In front of a crowd, Tracy is dragged underwater and shown what she’s been missing her entire life. Afterwards she can’t stop thinking about the encounter, and can’t stop herself from going back for more.

Girl Billionaire, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Charlton Y. Lee

Description: Justin’s got a problem, he’s not exactly hot for Tessa. With the female billionaire interested in him however, Justin can’t help but satisfy her secret lustful desires. When Justin learns what Tessa really desires is a long term boyfriend, things take a turn toward the humorous. In this sexy comical tale, just how kinky will these two get to obtain what they’ve always desired?

Please Don't Tell, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Chanel Ashby

Description: When Hunter’s mother catches him crossdressing, she can’t pass up the opportunity to feminize her son! Making a deal, Hunter soon becomes the prettiest girl at prom. What Hunter doesn’t expect is he’s caught the attention of his stepbrother. With his mother’s femdom tastes, and his willingness toward forced bisexual sex, Hunter soon finds more than he bargained for in this erotic transgender tale.

The Collected Greene Shorts, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Esmeralda Greene

Description: This volume contains seven sizzling hot, taboo-busting erotic stories by Esmeralda Greene. Topics include incest, bestiality, lactation, and other kinks. In the days before Amazon censored their self-published erotica, this volume was a top-10 erotica best seller. The story titles are: “Mother’s Milk,” “Mounted,” “Liquid Fetish,” “Humiliation,” “Mindy’s Family,” “Mom’s Girlfriend,” and “Sis’s Horse Farm.”

Fucking Teacher for an A, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by J.M. Christopher

Description: Samantha is a model student and still a virgin; but when she is suspected of cheating on an exam, she must prove to her professor that she wasn’t. The professor needs a lot of convincing and Samantha, though infatuated with him, isn’t sure if she is willing to submit to his every desire. Can she still get her A grade without doing the kinky stuff?

Banging Brother, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Fetisha

Description: It is the day after Daughter’s birthday and the celebration is far from over. From good morning sex with Father, to finally getting to experience interracial sex with The Captain Of The Football Team Daughter is back and still going, or is it cumming?, strong as she continues to explore and discover her new found sexuality while still leaving time for lesbian sex and sex with Brother.

The Haley Experiment, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Chanel Ashby

Description: Haley’s father has finally created the perfect clone of his little princess! Watching the clone engage in a lesbian mother daughter play session, Haley’s Daddy soon discovers—he wants the real thing! Willing to push his virgin daughter to the depths of his secret fantasy, Daddy’s little girl soon loves the taboo sex. Haley might just make her father’s dirty fantasy become reality and then some!

Exactly What's Missing, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Leslie Laye

Description: Leah, a muralist, has been hired on by Valeria to decorate one of her new stores–and her bedroom. But instead of letting her paint, Valeria ties Leah to her bed and introduces her to a world of pain and pleasure. She leaves Leah with a sore ass and skin tingling like fire, as well as the key to unlocking what was missing from her designs. And she also leaves Leah with a love that keeps her coming back begging for more.

Accidental Incest, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Surely Wilder

Description: Tracey had never thought of having incestuous relationship with her son. Upon discovering his love of rough sex, erotic bondage, and depraved acts, Tracey introduces him to a more intimate side of sexual release. When her son uses Tracey’s erotic lessons to seduce and impregnate his long lost sister, just what secret fantasies will surface from the undying devotion of such a taboo loving family?

The Greene Shorts Incest, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Esmeralda Greene

Description: Esmeralda Greene’s first all-incest collection! This volume contains six sizzling hot, incest-themed short stories, including mother-son, father-daughter, siblings, and more. As always with Esmeralda Greene, the sex is raunchy and non-stop, the writing is professional and stylish, and the tone is joyful. The stories are: “Family Ties,” “The Go-Between,” “My Sons and Lovers,” “Fathers and Daughters,” “Mom is Pregnant,” and “Randy Grandpa.”

Daddy's Desire, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Lily Weidner

Description: After losing her virginity to her father, Colette finds herself becoming the object of Daddy’s desire. Introduced to a world of public discipline, family threesomes, and lesbian sex, Colette is on her way to being Daddy’s submissive. Wanting to make her father proud, will Colette soon find Daddy’s taboo tastes include impregnating fertile body?

Sensual Sabbath 2, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Houston Cei

Description: In this continuing tale of the Anderson family, Kate teaches the value of true family bonding. With Kate’s ideas of sexual exploration, just what new pleasures await Marge and Cecil? When their lovemaking begins to include Kate’s horny twin grandchildren, wife swapping, and lesbian sex, will this voluptuous grandmother transform the Hebrew Sabbath into something completely incestuous and taboo?

Tentacles in the Lab, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Talia Trace

Description: Maggie’s always found strange and unusual creatures in her job, but she wasn’t prepared for the strange weirdness of her lab’s new occupant. Descended from ancient gods of old, the creature has an appetite—for seducible women. And Maggie, intrigued, is all too willing to let it indulge. Agile and flexible, the creature is willing and able to pin Maggie down and use her to its most perverted ends.

Perfect Anal, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by J.M. Christopher

Description: When the neighbor’s young girl comes in from the rain what’s a guy to do but invite her in? When she wants to screw him, is he supposed to leave her hanging? When she wants it in her ass, how can he say no? When her mother comes looking for her, does he screw her too?

Island of Women, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Leslie Laye

Description: Captain Hannah’s all-female pirate crew is gearing for a vacation—a vacation filled with white sandy beaches, all the rum they could handle, and a hunt for treasure. But instead they find a treasure in an island full of women—and Captain Hannah’s got her eye on one in particular. Adaeze is a dark-skinned warrior, rough and brave with a streak for adventure, and is looking to get herself onto Hannah’s ship—and into her bed.

R is for Retribution III, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Surely Wilder

Description: In the latest from Surely Wilder’s erotic tale, Matt confesses the desires he’s kept secret. His views of homosexuality, bisexuality, and need for sexual release, cause Matt to question the love necessary to accept his place within the family. Captured, forced into sex, and finding passion in incestuously straight sex, just what unexpected pleasures will Matt face in ‘R is for Retribution III’?


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