Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases August 2015

Lot’s Cave has seen a steady stream of new authors. We couldn’t be more excited! New authors means new reads, and potential favorites for our readers! There’s so many new releases, we have to cover them in more than one post! Keep checking back to see the latest from Lot’s Cave. Below, you’ll find the first set of new releases for this month!

Brandon Browne, Going Straight to Gay for my Professor, a Lot's Cave eBook
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Description: Andrew’s enjoying college life. He’s on the football team and partying every night, but he’s reminded that he needs good grades to stay on the team. The problem is that Andrew has been neglecting his studies and is on a one way road to failing. Andrew decides to go to one of his professors, Mr. Abella, to see if he can do some extra credit. Mr. Abella dismisses him; he has no time to deal with lazy students, but Andrew knows Mr. Abella’s secret. Though Andrew has never been with another man, he’s willing to put in the extra work, offering his bottom to earn his A.

Coming Back Home, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Casey Jenkins
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Description: John returns home after spending nearly an entire year at a college states away. Deeply missing everybody, he walks into the house and sees his stepmother clad in only a t-shirt and panties. Luscious breasts push into him as she hugs him, and her curvy ass looks inviting as she bends over to adjust the television. He tries to deny being attracted to the woman that raised him, but his body simply will not let him. With his father and stepsister in Texas browsing for colleges, they have the house all to themselves for two full weeks. What kind of steamy fun can they have. Will simple lust turn into much more, and can things go back to the way they were when his father gets back?

Innocent Bride, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by F.C. Ledger
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Description: I am about to marry the big black love of my life when my brother issues a challenge! An old household law to test the strength of a man’s seed and my body is the prize! How many men will it take to get me pregnant? I’ve never been with a man before, and I never thought I would be taking on the whole family on my wedding night! BBC, Public Sex, Impregnation, Incest, Menage and First Time!

Three Vengeful Girlfriends, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Felicity Ferras
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Description: Matthew has done it this time. Not only did he cheat on his wife, but he also cheated on his mistress. Now all three women are together, and seeking payback. The humiliating punishments that they have in mind arouse Matthew’s shame and arousal higher than its ever been–as well as his erection. With three solid strap-ons, the three women intend to screw Matthew like he’s screwed them, one right after the other.

Bath Time Cousins, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Jessamine Lane
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Description: When children, cousins Tilly and Simon used to explore each other’s bodies during their Saturday night bath time. Reconnecting at a family reunion and their fascination with each other and need to explore each other’s bodies can no longer be ignored. An innocent weekend, soon turns into furtive touching, and then it all explodes, these cousins can no longer long pretend what is happening between them is innocent child play.

Daddy's Rough Birthday Present, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Leona Marisol
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Description: Beverly Harlan has come of age at last. A joyous occasion celebrated by throwing a huge party at her parent’s house. Cleaning up the mess is far from enjoyable, though. But Beverly’s day will get even worse, as will that of her friends who stayed behind. Her father has been watching them since the party started. And now he will finally live out his fantasies, no matter what it takes.

Growing Up with Adrien, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Paloma Pye
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Description: All Debra ever wanted was to be accepted by her brother Adrien. She wanted someone who would look out for and protect her, but Adrien took no interest in her. He made her life miserable instead. Everything changes when Debra takes a peaceful stroll through the woods and secretly catches Adrien in the throes of passion with his girlfriend. She knows she should walk away, but she can’t help but spy on the sexy couple. Just as she think she’s free and clear, Adrien catches her spying on him! Now, Adrien has her cornered and he knows how much the voluptuous and curvy girl wants him. Debra knows it’s wrong to want her brother this way, but she can’t help herself. He’s forbidden, but she doesn’t care. She wants her brother to take her, hard, deep, and without protection.

Living with a New Woman, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Casey Jenkins
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Description: When Tom’s mother remarries and his new stepsister moves into his room, and he is initially annoyed at the loss of half his living space. Sharing the same living space with a girl turns out to not be so bad when he notices her firm breasts and delicious ass. He tries to hide his lustful thoughts, but how long can you do so when the person you lust after shares your very room?

My Lonely Daddy, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Jessamine Lane
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Description: Sophie can no longer watch her beloved father being abused by her stepmother, nor can she deny the incestuous fantasies she has about him. Something must be done, but what? And who will make the first move?


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