Lot's Cave eBooks

Pre-Orders for July 2015

Lot’s Cave has just taken advantage of Smashwords’ pre-order system! If you’re a fan of our books, why not check out our pre-orders? You’ll find books from your favorite authors! With this new pre-order system Lot’s Cave’s eBooks have become just that more irresistable! Check out some of our soon to be released books below!

Jasmin's Flower, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Marshall Gibson

Description: Jasmin has endured shame and humiliation to land her job in the Philippines. Working at an adult bar as a barely legal bargirl, Jasmin hopes to fall in love. Before she can start working, Jasmin must endure a thorough medical exam. Having her virgin sex probed, prodded, and photograph Jasmin is humiliated and forced to endure her sense of newfound shame.

Love and Lust, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Marshall Gibson

Description: As a virgin bargirl, Jasmin has passed all the tests of humiliation and shame required for her job. Being barely legal, Jasmin hopes winning the affections of an older man will come easy. Working at an adult bar though requires shattering Jasmin’s virgin innocence. Learning all the kinky, seductive, and sensual ways to please her customers, Jasmin might soon the foreigner of her hottest dreams.

Whipped Creme, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Lily Weidner

Description: Heather’s lesbian relationship with Ashley is far from ordinary. After years of dating with no sex to speak of, Heather’s had enough. Giving her sexually adventurous girlfriend an ultimatum, Heather soon finds more to Ashley than meets the eye. Seeing an opportunity to win the bet of a lifetime, Ashley prepares to bare all. In this gender bending erotic tale, just what depraved sex acts lay ahead?

Knight's Choice, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Bo Dunne

Description: Still living at home as a barley legal college student Delia continues her incestuous relationship with her older brother. When Greg gets a surprise visit from a beautiful Army Officer, Delia gets jealous. Questioning her brother’s sexual affection, Delia must decide how she truly feels. Can Delia and Greg handle their forbidden relationship and what role does Kendra’s visit play between them?

Nouveau Billionaires, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Charlton Y. Lee

Description: Roni and Charlotte are back with their billionaire partners, this time with a nude beach adventure! These well-endowed billionaires are hung like porn stars, and Charlotte can’t get enough. Wanting to be Rigby’s girlfriend, Charlotte finds herself sealing the deal. When chemical reactions cause these two to get stuck together however, will Charlotte still be able to handle her new lover’s ecstasy?

Laura's Lust 3, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Houston Cei

Description: In this final book, Laura and her son J.R. continue their passionate incestuous romance. Living together as a couple, Laura’s insatiable lust for her son only grows hotter. Fulfilling their life goals, leads to a mother and son’s exploration of fulfilling their kinkiest fantasies. Supportive, sexy, and altogether pleasant Laura remains an irresistible romantic for her son J.R.


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