Lot's Cave eBooks

Newest Releases July 2015

Here at Lot’s Cave, our authors are always writing new exciting material. While our Newest Releases page always has titles to offer, below you’ll find the newest releases for this month in particular. Need something to keep you hot these summer months? Why not find something sexy and exciting to explore those taboo boundaries!

Daddy's Captive, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Lily Weidner

Description:  Until now, Kassandra’s always been daddy’s perfect little girl. Somehow managing to keep her virginal innocence while ignoring her secret sexual fantasies, Daddy’s now legal little girl desires only to lose her virginity to the depraved man who raised her. Can Scott overcome his unrelenting arousal, or will Kassandra find herself in a world of BDSM romance and incestuous sexual pleasure?

A Different Kind of Billionaire, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Charlton Y. Lee

Description: Roni and Charlotte are two hot babes looking for a good time. With a taste for the expensive, these two will only settle for millionaires. When they meet Mason, Rigby, and Tessa, who became billionaires overnight, they’re willing to give it a chance. These rich dudes unexpectedly come with a bonus they’re hung like porn stars! Can these bimbo babes really handle these super hung nerds?

Reverend's Daughter 2, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Houston Cei

Description: In tropical paradise, Roxanne and Gregory expand their sexually depraved experiences. Not alone in her lust for father-daughter sex, Roxanne isn’t about to let another incestuous threesome go unexperienced. With Gregory encouraging her every desire, can Roxanne involve herself in this kinky liberal father-daughter threesome by first sharing every intimate detail with her father?

Knight Train, a Lot's Cave eBook written by Bo Dunne

Description: Dazey is a sexually adventurous woman with a secret desire. Intent on seeing her incestuous fantasy become reality, Dazey travels home to her family. Seductive and flirtatious, Dazey soon takes her brothers skinny dipping. Stripped naked along the secluded riverbank, Dazey is soon tempting each of her four brothers. How many climaxes from this family only sex train will it take to satisfy Dazey?

All Nude, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Marshall Gibson

Description: Jasmin is barely legal and drawn to the erotic glamour of working in an adult bar. Living in the Philippines, Jasmin hopes to ignite the passion of an older man. Before Jasmin can meet the foreigner of her dreams, she must endure the shame and humiliation of undressing herself. Exposing her virgin and barely legal body to group of interested foreigners, Jasmin begins a journey of sexual discovery.


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