Lot's Cave eBooks

New Releases for June 2015

Here at Lot’s Cave, our authors are always writing new exciting material. While our Newest Releases page always has titles to offer, below you’ll find the newest releases for this month. Why not find something sexy and exciting to explore those taboo boundaries?

Give Me Liberty, a Lot's Cave eBook

Description: Jay can’t help yearning for his sexually adventurous sister. With a mutual incestuous desire building between them Jay finds an opportunity to consummate his love fueled passions. At his older sister’s courageous prompting, Jay dreams of a steamy sibling relationship starting between them. With Liberty eager to leave town, can this brother-sister romance thrive within our current society?

A Braided Rug of Hurt and Healing, a Lot's Cave eBook

Description: Nikole, a barely legal girl engaging in the pleasures of father daughter sex soon finds her sexual curiosity peaked by another. Knowing Nikole and her cousin couldn’t be more different, their desire for incestuous sex nevertheless brings their passions together. Can Nicholas see passed Nikole’s sexual relationship with her father in the hopes of starting their cousin-cousin romance?

Aunt Mildred, a Lot's Cave eBook

Description: My Aunt Mildred’s backside was directly in front of me and as she was bent over, her skirt tightly stretched across her shapely butt, emphasizing and highlighting its delectable curves. Immediately, I felt guilty! I had told you that I thought she was kind of hot, but seeing her gorgeous ass presented to me like it was made me wonder what it would look like naked…

Slut, a Lot's Cave ebook

Description: Laurie confronts the slut inside her and the slut breaks free and seeks out the nearest male available. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon which character you are in this twisted tale of incest and deceit, Laurie’s son, Damon becomes the victim of Laurie’s escaped slut as Laurie turns into her son Damon’s ‘Mommy Whore’.

F is for Fulfillment II, a Lot's Cave eBook, by Surely Wilder

Description: Kathleen is a seemingly normal woman with a secretly held insatiable desire for kinky sex. Little did she expect her son to grow up and become her dominate lover and Master. Within this stimulating incestuous relationship, Kathleen learns to explore her love for degradation and depravity. What unexpectedly awakened passions can this mother explore in this arousing BDSM romance with her son?

Mandy, a Lot's Cave eBook, written by Amicus

Description: Mandy is a barely legal girl caught in a mix of betrayal and confusion. Naïve and a bit too trusting, Mandy let a boy sexually experiment with her. Now, this innocent babysitter can’t move beyond the things they did together. Confiding her secret to Bonie’s buddies only torments Mandy further. In this tale of teen angst and betrayal Mandy seeks to reconnect with her artistic talent and self-expression. Can her neighbor help Mandy move on to accept the things she’s done?

Father First, a Lot's Cave eBook

Description: It’s Daughter’s eighteenth birthday, and it won’t be one this now barely legal girl soon forgets. From lesbian experiences in the locker room, to giving a seductive blowjob to the captain of the basketball team, she’s in for quite the birthday celebration. Daddy may even give his now legal little girl a present that will keep on giving. This is sure to be one birthday Daughter won’t soon forget.

Tom & Janet, a Lot's Cave eBook

Description: Tom is a man haunted by his forbidden love for his sister Janet. Separated by ten years and two tours in Iraq, Tom determines to seduce his lovingly devoted sister. Now married, Janet soon finds herself involved in a passionate incestuous sibling love affair. With odds against them, can Tom convince Janet to marry him and live happily ever after continuing their romantic sibling relationship?

Kidnapped by Daddy - Thumbnail (96 DPI)

Description: Filled with lust, Daddy can’t keep his hands off his barely legal daughter. Catching his daughter in a lesbian relationship, Daddy soon kidnaps his daughter’s heart. Raising her according to their faith, Daddy must now teach his young daughter what it’s like being an older man’s submissive. First, he must find a way to persuade his reluctant daughter’s obedience. Could a threesome solve their problem?


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